Arbitration is also a possibility

Today, The Vancouver Sun reported "The B.C. government will have its hands full with contract negotiations over the next year as collective agreements representing more than 94 per cent of the province's public sector workforce - from school teachers and university professors to nurses, doctors and Crown corporation workers - come up for renewal by June 30, 2006." Public Eye told you about the possibility of an upcoming public sector labour disruption two days ago, obtaining and publishing previously unreleased government documentation that now appears in the infographic accompanying The Sun article.


Memo to Sean:

We've had this discussion before. Stories ALWAYS appear on the internet before they appear in the papers. It's why people read the internet. Only difference between your website and others is your seeming inability to get over your own sense of self-importance.

What is wrong with what?? - does he or she not understand the media? Sean regularly breaks news, not stumbles across it in a government press release.

Had Sean not obtained the government memo it would likely have not shown up in the Sun. Conversely, if the Sun had it first it would have been in the paper before Public Eye.

To wrongly suggest that the news broken on Public Eye is simply the difference between the Internet and print is fundamentally wrong.

And when it comes to scoops, radio is even quicker than a website but I didn't see it on CKNW or CBC or CKWX.

what?? should do some real analysis of the news media and ask why Sean gets stuff first and stuff nobody else does.

There was a reason the Sun offered a job to Sean.

Sometimes the lead Sean has is very short, but in this case he is the one that broke this story. Thi s is often the case with Sean's work

In the past Monday Magazine served this purpose, but now Public Eye is where the news comes up first.

One also only need to look at all the stories that Sean picks up that are not covered in the print media (and yes many of them are of a very narrow political interest - those of us how read this site every day, hit reload once an hour)

If you do not like Sean's self promotion of when he was there first, then go to the radio and TV news websites....

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