A bounty of new staffers

Earlier, Public Eye reported failed provincial New Democrat candidates Mike Hanson and Christine Hunt had been hired by the Opposition caucus. But they're not the only new staffers. Flemingites Brian Kowalski and Ed May have also joined the party's legislative assistant corp. Mr. Kowalski previously made headlines as the treasurer of the 2003 University of Victoria grad class committee that produced an anti-drinking and driving poster featuring Premier Gordon Campbell's mugshot. And Mr. May was most recently the South Island field organizer for the New Democrats.

Other recruits include: Angela Guliano, an administrative coordinator under the previous New Democrat administration, Gurbinder (Brenda) Kang, the wife of British Columbia Taxi Association president Mohan Kang, election campaign assistant wagonmaster Karen Karagheusian (a Moncktonite who is tight with the leader's press secretary Scott Perchall), Raj Patara, whom we would appreciate more information on, and Susan Vasilev, a former ministerial assistant who is married to Saanich South MLA David Cubberley. Ms. Vasilev has been specifically assigned as an aide to chief of staff David Perry.

In related news, the Opposition has also brought in two new communications officers: Cara McGregor and Tim Renneberg. Ms McGregor, who interned with the New Democrats, is the daughter of former cabinet minister Cathy McGregor. And Mr. Renneberg chaired Prince George's tri-riding communications committee during the recent election.


I am only concerned about who is hired is when they get paid from the public purse. If these hacks, NDP/Liberal are paid by their party that is their bussiness

Political staff in the leg are paid by the taxpayer

Stop the presses! Shocker! NDP hires NDPers. Did you hear that the Liberals hired Liberals after the last election too. Hang them all.

Pretty sure the Liberal MLA's didn't hire their WIVES after the 2001 election, a la Rob Fleming and David Cubberly. But, given the ridiculously high union wages the Dippers pay their peons, why wouldn't you want your wife there to hold your hand and write your letters?

As for Christine Hunt, I saw her "debate" Murray Coell during the campaign... My two favourite quotes: "gee, I dunno" (used at least twice) and "Can I have a different question?"

And now she's giving NDP MLA's advice and political support... that cracks me up!

Why shouldn't elected officials hire people they know and trust? If you were running a business you'd want the best people you could find, and you'd be partial to people you know could do the job well.

The cynicism of some of the commentators here is pretty heavy. Did it ever cross your mind that people involved in politics are trying to do some good?

Fleming's wife was working there long before he was elected...
Hunt, with her fantastic sense of humour and vast experience in fisheries, has also worked for the NDP when it was government...
As for "failed" candidates, they were the token NDP candidates that took the fall in ridings that were known to be very long shots...

At least none of them spent the night in jail for drunk driving.

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