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Here's an interesting philosophical question for those provincial New Democrat MLAs who are still in the process of setting up their constituency offices: your socialist love nest needs phone lines activated or installed...but...Telus Communications Corp. rank-and-filers are walking the picket lines. So do you (a) let a management scab do the work and serve your constituents or (b) show your solidarity with the Telecommunication Workers Union and go without phone lines? Perhaps caucus should develop a policy on the matter?


you mean to tell me that over two months has passed since the election and some NDP MLAs have not even bothered to set up a constituency office yet?

What is the deal? Constituents should have a representative working on their behalf. This is just plain BS.

Who are the NDP beholden to? Their constituents or their union brothers and sisters?

Sounds like the more things change, the more the NDP are the same old gang.

Is there some reason these hypothetical dopey dippers couldn't go down and get a cell phone from Fido to carry them through?

Why not get local phone service from Sprint? TELUS is not the only provider, isn't that what competition is about?

THey should have Bell Canada install a VoIP system...they just did one for a major federal government department in Victoria - save the taxpayers some major cash.

Also, there's no such thing as "management scabs".

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