How to make enemies and annoy people

A brief announcement from your humble organ: in honour of the upcoming civic elections, Public Eye has added a new category - Creatures of Government - for those stories covering local politics. The eyecon was handcrafted by Victor Crapnell of Art Department Design, who is responsible for the site's muckraking look-and-feel. Our many thanks to him. In related news, Mr. Crapnell is also putting the finishing touches on a Public Eye re-design, which we will be rolling out shortly.


Glad of the credit to the designer.
The work on the site is great, visually establishing the character of Public Eye in a clean, compelling way. It's excellent work.

Maybe the visual for 'Creatures of government' feature be either pigs at the trough or bleating sheep.


'Creatures of government' is a good description. Muni politics have the most effect on our lives, yet so many people ignore it.

Creatures of course lends one to recall Mayor Vander Zalm, The Pirate in Nanaimo, Ma Murray from the interior, Harry Rankin of Vancouver fame, Steve Wallace, Quesnel's "Arrogant
the First" and of course the recent shenannigans of Sean Harvey in Vernon.

The list is long and I am sure I will have a few more to add to this list!

Ma Murray was an newspaper owner/publisher/editor and not a local government person. She was also language challenged and a lifelong Liberal

The unofficial mayor of course. She hated WAC Bennett.

In Lillooet at least you would get people flipping at the idea of her being the unofficial mayor,

She hated everyone that was not a Liberal, federally or provincially.

She did run for MLA once as for the Common Herd Party when she ran the Alaska Highway News

how are they doing there with the hospital issue.

Lytton is the palce with the hospital problems. Lillooet retained theirs, though lost beds

Finally, a couple of people have found a Holman story (barely) worthy of a comment.

some of these are not funny these things are supossed to be funny

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