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British Columbians may already been paging through the latest Harry Potter novel. But what could be one of the most anticipated books in the province's political world has yet to hit the shelves. In an interview, Auditor General Wayne Strieloff confirmed his office will release an update of an earlier report reviewing the estimated cost of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. The update will look at whether the provincial government, which will be paying out at least $1.248 billion to cover the cost of the Olympics, is meeting those estimates and following the auditor general's due diligence recommendations. The report is due out in February, just in time to provide fodder for the New Democrats during the legislature's spring sitting.

According to Mr. Strieloff, who says research for the report will be undertaken in the fall, "There are a number of models which we can use. One is for us to do a direct examination and issue a long-form report. The other model is to have the government itself issue a report explaining the comparison of plan and actual in terms of financing, scope and timing. And, in that report, we would just issue a short letter inside that report saying this is a fair description of where we are now." The decision of which model to use will be made by Mr. Strieloff, although his office is discussing the matter with the government's Olympic Games secretariat headed by Pacific National Exhibition memorabilia collector Annette Antoniak. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours.


Streiloff should do the report. The cost of steel and concrete has gone through the roof much faster than could have been predicted.

But he should also look at the revenue projections. VANOC is way above those with the jaw-dropping Bell, Petro-Can and Royal Bank sponsorships.

Those sponsorships are way, way, way in excess of anything anyone would have predicted.

Credit Furlong for hiring Dave Cobb to manage marketing. He has done a brilliant job so far.


Wayne cannot do the report. The government cut his funding. If he gets the government to do the report then he doesn't have to. Now you see the magic involved in cutting people's budgets eh!

Budgets, smudgets. Who needs oversight on the Olympics or for that fact, government overall. Put your trust in Gordo and all will be well. Trust him. Better to turn a blind eye or 2 at things like the Olympics, RAV line, and other projects.

I have been told by people in the industry that the government's plans for the Sea to Sky Highway could not possibly have been carried out for the roughly $600 million or so that was touted as the "budget". Either the budget would have to give, or else the scope of the work and improvements will need to be scaled back. And that was before the recent rises in construction materials prices.

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