Going postal!

Astute readers may have noticed a distinct absence of comments on Public Eye over the past 12 days. The reason: technical gremlins that have prevented the posting of those comments. We're not sure what their political affiliation is. But it matters little now because your humble organ has found a means of exterminating the wee beasties. So please return to your regularly scheduled mudslinging.


Let the games begin!

I attempted to post a comment but it it looks like I am barred for what I do not know.Thought I would try again.

Getting protective of the Vancouver Sun Sean?

Good work Sean and techno friend getting rid of the beasties. No man/woman can blog alone; he/she needs help from fellow bloggers.

It was better without the inane commentary. Let the NDP'ers go back to Rabble and the Conservatives to their sites and get rid of the nonsense.

I can understand Silence's feelings, but I have a problem complying with his wishes. I was banned from babble by Audra Trouwer Estrones Williams becuase I had the gall to post a copy of the babble policy on good posting etiquette in a discussion in her Feminism Forum, where she is always on the lookout for Men who are derailing threads, hi-jacking discussions, and generally "trolling".

Basically, the way it's run by Audra Williams, and the Editor Sharon Fraser and the former Editor Judy MacDonald, babble is really a hangout for communists, Liberals and extreme feminists of the type described in Neil Boyd's book "Big Sister". Moderate New Democrats are simply not welcome, and are banned if they argue too stenuously with the approved zealots.

As a new democrat I appreciate this site. Largely because it provides lots of leads and interesting behind the scenes stuff.

I also prefer the language between folks to remain civil. It does get out of hand sometimes.

I would also prefer those that post "anon" with nasty thoughts or strong opinions to identfy who they are.

It makes it a little easier to appreciate what you are saying when you do. I had a guy post "anon" on my site making a wild statement that could not be true. His statement lacked any ring of truth and hurt the case he was in fact trying to make.

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