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Yesterday, the provincial government released the summary of a review into the death of 19-month-old Sherry Charlie at the hands of her foster dad in Port Alberni. That review found numerous failures in the government child protection system that could have contributed to the infant's death. But what does New Democrat MLA Nicholas Simons, a former independent social work consultant, have to say about this tragedy? After all, prior to winning a seat in the legislature, Mr. Simons was contracted by children and family development to investigate the Charlie case as part of the review.

On May 28, The Vancouver Sun's Nicholas Read reported toward the middle of that month the MLA received "the full final report, a draft precis and a summary version." At the time, he couldn't discuss the document until it was released. So now that that's happened, presumably Mr. Simons can comment. And perhaps he might have some theories as to why government would release the report almost three months later - in the dead of summer.


Is this another example of better services. There is a great moral and ethical question when human beings are seen as dispensable for the sake of accomodating the cuts to services.A government that is trying to present itself as moderate, ala Harvey Enchin in the Scum, is anything but.Make no mistake about it, cuts to social services were extreme and irresponsible, and current practices by this Ministry coninue to serve the extreme agenda and not the needs of children.This story is just the iceberg in what is a very sorry state of affairs in this province. There are many other situations where children have died and this lot have looked the other way.Jane Morley is a lackey of this government and not interested in holding any one accountable who may embarrass the government. It is beyond belief and tragic.

What extreme cuts?????? BC retains a vibratant and healthy social safety net.

Staff were over worked and burned out in 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992 etc.....

In only in BC would a centrist Liberal government be accused of extreme cuts.

"In only in BC would a centrist Liberal government be accused of extreme cuts."

Only in BC would someone try to paint the BC Liberals as centrist.

I believe they will be moving that way over the next few years, I hope anyway. They aren't today "centrist" unless you are comparing the BC Liberals to Texas or Florida.

Let us see, they keep adding money to education and healthcare - no cuts there.

They are the most friendly government to First Nations in Canadian history

They have not passed a single social conservative bill since they have been in power.

They have could have cut many single employables from welfare, but did not do so.

They increased funding for childcare.

They brought in fair pharmacare

They dramtically reduced taxes and fees for the poor.

They introduced fixed election dates

They moved on electoral reform with the Citizen assembly process - more than any government in Canadian history done for democracy.

They only thing that they are missing is a party to the right of them! They are to the left of the Paul Martin Liberals, they are to the left of Dalton McGinty.

Where is the right wing agenda? What single example of a neo-con action has this government taken?

You do not seem to get it snassrain that denying what is an extreme agenda will not make it a centrist agenda.Start with the 120,000.000 cuts to MCFD and the extreme cuts to most other ministries such as the Ministry of air , land and water, MHR and the list is as long as one has the time to spend writing it.The move to the centre is not backed by the government actions.No neocon legislation, well let's start to the cuts iot the Human Rights Commission,Rentalsman office, Ombudsman office, changes to the employment standards act and it goes on ad infinitum. Give your fibbing head a shake.

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