But where will they land their UFOs?

Area 51: that's the name some wags gave to the basement office previously occupied by government caucus research - at least partially because the windows looking into that space had been blocked out with white paint. But, now that the provincial New Democrats have moved into that office, there's going to be a few changes. In an interview with Public Eye, Opposition caucus research director Don "Mr. Anderson" Anderson said he's getting the paint removed and putting in blinds. Says Mr. Anderson, "It looks like a prison in a bad, old movie. We don't do anything that secretive in here that you shouldn't be able to look through the friggin' window. Government isn't open and transparent but the friggin' Opposition is."

Admirable sentiments. And knowing Mr. Anderson, Public Eye is sure they are sincere (we're not even being sarcastic this time). But, to be fair, your humble organ also remembers an incident a few weeks back when regimental research officer Maura Parte, acting on her own initiative, shooed us out of that exact same office - even though it was completely empty! One can only suppose Ms. Parte, the wife of Victoria-Hillside MLA Rob Fleming, simply wanted to be alone. On a more serious note, Mr. Anderson said the New Democrat's will have hired the staffers who will be filling that space by August 5.

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