Drinking from the same well

Last Wednesday, brother muckraker Russ Francis reported in Monday Magazine that now former deputy minister and merit commissioner Diane Rabbani "has some interesting connections. Her partner is Gary Cowan, until recently a director of B.C. Buildings Corporation. Cowan has had a colourful career himself, including an 18-year stint with none other than Marathon Realty, the developer for whom premier Gordon Campbell once toiled. Cowan ended up as Marathon's executive vice president." But equally interesting is the fact Mr. Cowan was a contractor for the provincial government while his lady love was heading up the public service agency. According to public accounts, the provincial government has transferred $212,687 to his company Westwynd Retail Consultants Inc. since fiscal 2003/04.

Payments to Westwynd

Fiscal 2004/05 - $118,992
Fiscal 2003/04 - $93,695
Fiscal 2002 - $0
Fiscal 2001/02 - $0

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