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Last week, while profiling Terminal City councillor Jim Green, The Vancouver Sun reported "while getting a degree in social work" the future mayoral candidate "helped register black voters during the civil rights movement and organize farmworkers in Colorado." Inspiring stuff. But there's just one little problem. Mr. Green never purused a degree in social work - this according to a biographical email the councillor sent to one of his constituents. So what's the truth? In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Green explained the reporter made a mistake and phoned later to apologize - although a correction was not printed. The following is a copy of that email.

-----Original Message-----
From: Green, Jim
Sent: June 28, 2005 11:01 AM
Subject: RE: question about University

Hello.I graduated from the University of South Carolina in I965( it could have been "66, but I am almost certain it was '65). I recieved a BA in Anthropology and a major in Philosophy, but the university did not recognize double majors. I was also a Field Instructor in Archaeology. I received a MA from UBC in 1980. I did complete all course work for a PhD but did not submit my dissertation. It was published as a book entitled Against the Tide.I have taught at Vancouver City College (now Languara. I currently teach graduate Anthropology at UBC' Urban Field School (Dept. of Anso.)and undergraduate Anthroploogy at SFU. I hope this clears up any confusion. Jim Green

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