Horse leaves barn, doors now closed

Earlier, Public Eye reported one of the firms receiving a direct award from Community Living British Columbia may have been dissolved by the provincial government's corporate registry. And another was in the process of being dissolved. Our attempts over the past two days to contract representatives from both companies regarding this matter were not responded to. At the time, we speculated both companies could be operating as non-incorporate entities or under different names. And today we now have some answers. Earlier this morning, Public Eye received a phone call from agency chief executive officer Rick Mowles who explained the individuals running those companies were simply "shy guys" and they wanted to set the record straight. Speaking on their behalf, Mr. Mowles explained ACB Consulting Group Inc. now operates under the name ACB Solutions Ltd. (information contrary to documentation on the government's BC Bid Website). And HII Health Information Canada Inc., listed by the provincial corporate registry as not having filed an annual report since 2002, has filed such documents with the federal government's registry and is still active according to their records.

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