Returning for the sequel?

Yesterday, Public Eye and Strategic Thoughts reported on the direct awarding of $407,800 worth of information technology contracts to four companies: ACB Consulting, CRB Consulting, Ramsay IT Solutions Ltd. and Health Information Canada Incorporated (HII) Interestingly, three of those companies - ACB Consulting, CRB Consulting and Health Information Canada Incorporated (HII) - were among the primary contractors for the CareNet Technology Society - this, according to a May 2004 audit. CareNet, you may remember, was a controversial and now bankrupt non-profit society managed by Doug Walls, the premier's cousin-in-law. It made headlines when an investigation revealed the Ministry of Children and Family Development improperly wrote-off a $537,180 debt owed to the provincial government by the society. It was also later discovered taxpayer-funded social service agencies had contributed $1.2 million to the society, which never delivered on its promise to develop a complex software system that would coordinate and integrate agency and ministry services.


David Schreck wrote: "The auditor was not able to obtain access to CareNet's records as the Society was in bankruptcy and the trustee would not permit access as there was no legal authority to require it."

I wonder if those records are accessible now?

Keep on this one. It smells...

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