Attendance incentives will include free vodka

The provincial New Democrat's Soviet sympathizers are marshalling to stamp out the sprouting super-sized seeds of capitalist dissent within their party. Tomorrow, at an event organized by the Democratic Caucus of the Lower Island NDP, Comandante Alicia Barsallo (Public Eye passim) and well-known University of Victoria Red Radhika Desai will lead a forum on the New Democrat's shift to the centre. Among the topics under discussion: "Should the party encourage more participation by members?" and "Do you want MLAs to put forward a genuine vision for BC?" The following is a copy of the notification for that meeting, which is being held at Fairfield Community Place.

July 12th at 7PM
Garry Oak Room
Fairfield Community Place
1335 Thurlow
(off Moss St.)

Are you concerned about the BC NDP's shift to the "Centre"? Should the party encourage more participation by members? Do you want MLAs to put forward a genuine vision for BC?

Come out for a FORUM DISCUSSION on the future of the New Democratic Party.
Panelists include Radhika Desai, professor of Political Science at UVic, and Alicia Barsalo, member of the Democratic Caucus in Vancouver and president of the Vancouver-Kingsway NDP constituency association. ALL WELCOME!

Organized by the Democratic Caucus of the Lower Island NDP / Tel. 250-388-3847


The forum that a few people on the island might Trot to has errors in its premise. When the NDP encourages more participation by members, then the ultra-left is not successful. And Alicia is not the president of Van Kingsway NDP Constituency Association. Doctor Kerry Jang is president and the executive is a diverse group, with lots of young, energetic, and bright people and with a political mix of left (but not red) and centre left. And the executive of Kingsway NDP is competent in areas such as policy creation, politics, and fund-raising. And just electing a very bright MLA in Adrian Dix.

I highly doubt they have anything to worry about...the current NDP attempt at shifting to the centre is weak and unstable.

David Chudnovsky as MLA?

Carole James' distributing pamplets put together by the BCGEU and BC Nurses Union right out of her own campaign office in Victoria-Beacon Hill?

These guys have nothing to be worried about.

What happened in james office wasn't that swift, but can't hold a candle to the not so New Era gang spening many millions of dollars telling repeatedly how BC is just the greatest place on earth as they closed hospitals & cut medical services. My gosh even poor old Penner's back was decaying so rapidly he just had no option but to pull out the credit card and spend big bucks in a private clinic. The MD got the usual amount for the job( from our medical payment system) but a big pile went to the clinic. Those of us with back pain or other medical problems, and small wallets just have to wait as we see our tax dollars in fancy adds.And to add insult to the whole sorry affair, our new Finance Minister sort of didn't have the figures on those small overruns, but when pushed by media could suddenly produce them The old expression. You speak with forked tongue fits with the gang

I for one would keel over with shock if the BC NDP ever moved to the political centre.

I predict that all the talk of doing so will remain just that talk.

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