Romancing the legislature

Have the good people of Victoria-Hillside moved into the legislature? After all, MLA Rob Fleming's fresh young face seems to have beome a common site at the Rockpile these days, according to the edifice's liberally-wagging tongues. A thorough search of the precincts says the answer to that question is no. But it turns out Mr. Fleming has cause to be lurking the legislative corridors.

In addition to being appointed chair designate of the public accounts committee, party leader Carole James has named him to the New Democrat's caucus executive committee (Russian translation: politbureau). Never heard of it? Don't worry, because we haven't either. But we're told the commitee will be responsible for plotting out caucus's grand political strategy (wat dat?). Other committee members include Ms. James and caucus officers Katrine Conroy, Mike Farnworth and Jenny Kwan.

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Gosh we better watch out for Jenny Kwan, Mike Farnsworth and especially Rob Flemming,( I know nothing about Ms.Conroy, but the voters seem to like her and the others mentioned and that's good enough for me) now that you have identified them as fellow travellers on the caucus executive committee. Since I live in this little backwater called Victoria we will have to tell our cat to keep an eye out for that gang if seen wandering around our street. I figure they are working their backsides off getting ready to put pressure on the Not so New Era gang. Jenny did a yeoman's job in the last four years with Joy so with lots of other members Campbell and Co. best get their lines straight before standing up in the house. Even Plant mentionmed that awhile ago as he was shuffling off to some law office or other.

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