Putting On The Ritz

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers officers were in Vancouver last week probing the explosive Grewal affair while appearing to have rented at least one room at the luxurious Sutton Place Hotel. The affair involves accusations federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh and the prime minister's chief of staff Tim Murphy spoke with Tory MP Gurmant Grewal about taking a patronage position in exchange for supporting the Liberals.

Mounted police media relations spokesperson Gilles Deziel declined to discuss whether any A-Division (Ottawa) officers had visited Vancouver, saying "We may have to speak to some people as part of the review. But that's as far as I can go. I can't confirm any specifics that may or may not have taken place." The force is currently considering a request by the Bloc Quebecois and the New Democrats to investigate whether any of those involved in the Grewal affair have violated the Criminal Code.

But, in an interview, Kalia Insurance Ltd. principal Sudesh Kalia, who acted as an intermediary between Minister Dosanjh and Mr. Grewal, said two RCMP officers with French names interviewed him last week at his office. And Sutton Place has a record of A-Division officer Elisa Lauzon checking out of their hotel on June 29. Ms. Lauzon did not respond to an email inquiry as to why she was in Vancouver. The federal government rate for rooms at the Sutton Place is currently $160 a night.

And that's a number the parliament's ethics commissioner may want to keep that in mind when he makes his own whistle stop in British Columbia later this month. The commissioner’s executive assistant Jocelyne Brisebois confirmed Bernard Shapiro would be visiting Vancouver for three days as part of his investigation into the Grewal affair. That visit is set to begin on July 19. But Ms. Brisebois declined to comment on how many interviews the commissioner would be conducting or where they would be taking place. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours.


I guess BC-NDP federal-Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh will have one less supporter to lean on.

Fellow BC-NDP federal-Liberal Ravinderjit (Kaur Puar) Shergill has been exposed as an alleged drug dealer.

Shergill has quite the mouth on her! Below are some of Shergill's comments that were reported in today's Vancouver Sun.


"They don't f--- around with me because ... they will be f---ing six feet under and they know it, because my, you know what, brothers will put them six feet under."

"Yeah, it's that simple. That's what the game is like in Vancouver. You f--- with us, you die. Well I don't know if you listen to the news and stuff. In Vancouver ... you pay for it and you know how bad you pay for it."

Guess that eliminates Carole James' moral authority to criticize Basi and Virk.

I thought you couldn't belong to the Provincial NDP and another federal party?

"Guess that eliminates Carole James' moral authority to criticize Basi and Virk."


Exactly how, Jordan?

I bet Carol James is counting her blessings that David Chudnovsky beat Ravinderjit Shergill for the BC NDP Vancouver-Kensington nomination.

My understanding is that if you take out a BC NDP membership, you are automatically a member of the federal NDP. I also wonder how one can claim to be a provincial Dipper and a federal Liberano. Yet, former BC NDP Premier turned Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh continues to support the BC NDP.

Former NDP MLA David Schreck campaigned for Liberal MP David Anderson in 2000 -- in order to battle Canadian Alliance candidate Bruce Hallsor in Victoria.

Former BC NDPer Lee Rankin ran for the federal Liberals in New Westminster-Coquitlam-Burnaby in 2000.

BC NDP supporter Francesca Zumpano ran for the federal Liberals in Burnaby-Douglas in 2000.

Former BC NDP Cabinet Minister Bill Barlee ran for the federal Liberals in Kootenay-Boundary-Okanagan in 2000.

BC NDP supporter and union boss David Haggard ran for the federal Liberals in New Westminster-Coquitlam in 2004.

BC NDP supporter Shirley Chan ran for the federal Liberals in Vancouver East in 2004.

Langley's 2004 federal Liberal candidate, Kim Richter, ran for the BC NDP in 1996.

Then again, with the federal Liberals getting into bed with the federal NDP to waste $4.6 billion with no detailed action plan, a Liberal-NDP alliance is a match made in heaven.

Dipper, Grit... same old shit.

You cannot be a member of the Provincial NDP and federal liberals.You linos may try and equate this situation with Basi and Virk but that is a stretch of your imaginations.Gary Ferret and Christy Clark did not vacate the provincial fibbers over nothing as time will tell. While you while the time away on this non issue in terms that this person has not been in a position of power you may also contemplate Laura Dauphinee's position in Gordon Campbell's office and her relationship to Gordo. Now there is a scandal to ponder.As well Ferret's appoinntment of Basi inspite of previous difficulties getting employment,BCRail etc. The stink with the provincial fibs is overwhelming but under reported by Skuslky and Can West.

Really? Unproven innuendo? This is the best you got, sb? Come on.


I thought that the drug charges were dropped. What now?? Are there other drug charges that we do not know of?

I think that this investigation will turn out to be a sham.

Dave Basi was a civil servant before taking the MA position with Collins. He worked in Small Business and Tourism and was rather liked in his office and did a good job.

It has been 18 months since the Basi affair started and nothing has come out yet to give an indication of what he is supposed to have done. Maybe there is just no story there at all?

We knew more about Paul Bernardo at this point in that case even with a publication ban. Who has not heard the rumours of Willie Pickton and sausages? Another publication ban. Meanwhile with Dave Basi we have heard nothing of any substance - not even the best political rumour mills have anything to raise.

If there was even a half decent rumour as to what Dave Basi is supposed to have done, do you not think that it would have been on this site by now?

And Lara Dauphinee - how long is this stupid and unfounded story going to float around?

Forgot to mention - congrats on the good dectective work on this one Sean

SB’s false and untruthful innuendo is yet another endorsement of the low levels that the NDP and supporters continually sink to in attempting to further their socialist plaque upon society.

I don't see how the RCMP carting off boxes from the legislature is innuendo you trecherous liberal scum. Basi and Virk are being investigated on charges that their office was used for one of the most damning cases of influence peddling in BC history. Don't think you will be able to weasel out of this just because a one time NDP political nominee has been caught in her own shenanigans. This just proves how morally corrupt you Liberals are as you now try to justify your wretchedly vile party in light of totally seperate allegations. Give it a rest ratbags you will still be held accountable for your crimes-nice try though.

Mature, gumbo, real mature. Yeah, you're ready to govern.

Anyway, the innuendo referred to was Campbell/Dauphinee.

I think since recent changes were made to the federal elections act, the provincial NDP parties and the federal NDP are not able to be one organization and that becoming a BC NDP member does not/cannot automatically make you a federal NDP member. Does this ring a bell with anyone? If it's true than a person can carry a BC NDP card and one from another federal party without breaking the provincial NDP's requirement that you not be a member of another party, etc

Maybe you can read Kevin Potvin's article which you can find in the Canadian Spectator.This is not proof but certainly there is enough there that warrants consideration.There are also other sources.His point is the protection of the Liberals by the mainstream press inspite of serious scandals and misdealings.
However my point is that if you equate the Scum headlines about NDP member caught for drug trafficking as a way to minimise the Basi/Virk charges(Remember there is a court date my linos)and a raid on the legislative ofices of the minister of finance by the RCMP, well it is mixing apples and oranges and quite convenient for the linos, but it will not wash.
I still remember a headline buried by the Scum about government worker being charged which was posted in section D and was of course about Collin's appoinntment.
And how about the lino advetising budget on the back's of B.C. taxpayers.Gordo insisted the likes of Larsen wanted him to put out the right info that the biased press had not.The height of arrogance and cynicism, which continues with the ferry incident with Gordo blaming the NDP.
Drug trafficking is wrong no matter who does it, liberal or ndp or social credit. However if you look at the charges you will see it is more than drug trafficking for Basi/Virk.Personally I think that is why the ferret resigned.
As for Basi, Collins directly hired him as his Administrative Assistant inspite of concerns.

I think Holman said it best about Potvin--that article was libellous, and the Premier (if he was so inclined) could sue and win.

And NDPers in glass houses shouldn't throw stones about governemnt advertising budgets.


Having just read the absolutely digusting speculative journalism in Mr. Potvin's "article" that you referenced in your previous post I have finally received a little bit of insight into the minds of the Campbell haters - my god, if you will ever refer to a piece of unsubstantiated trash like that as a way to make a point it proves your ability to think constructively in issues involving the Liberals is seriously impaired.

I usually try not to flame in posts but my god, that article is the worst sort of media, it makes Mr. Holman here look like Bob Woodward.

Well maybe he should sue if it so libellous.Sean, as a former member of the Young Liberals can help himout.There are many others who speak about badly kept secrets so there are many to sue. Me thinks you protest too much Polkaroo.
Personally I think Sean is a fine investigative reporter who over time has shown he is interested in the truth over party or dogma, whatever party or dogma.
My ability to think destructively about the Liberals and Campbell is certainly fine, as there is alot to pinpoint and support this.But the usual lino comeback is that the NDP did it so we can too! That is real constructive.

"And NDPers in glass houses shouldn't throw stones about government advertising budgets."

Why? As an NDP supporter I have never supported government advertising. The actions of the party does not necessarily make the member (something we should all remember).

Furthermore, Campbell did run an election to do things differently. That included eliminating blatant partisan advertising. In fact, as an opposition member he was quite vocal about his opposition to it. IMO, he looks the worse for it.

Potvin is trash, but the Premier is taking the high road by not suing. It shows how much more class he has than rumour mongers like that.

Well good afternoon, Jordan. Have you recovered from the news that Premier Campbell demoted Rich Coleman rather than trying to referee a fight on law and order issues between Coleman as Sol-Gen and Oppal as A-G?

As to the federal government people spending $160 per day to stay in Vancouver, I am afraid those costs aren't out of line for downtown Vancouver hotels. Arguably, they could have stayed in Surrey as I expect that's where most of the people they want to interview are located, but really, in the scheme of things, they would be saving about $60 a day, for two or three days, for several people. It might add up to $1,000. Against the tens of millions being spent on the Gomery hearings this is very small change.

As for Dave Basi and Bob Virk, I think it depends on whether they are willing to take the fall, or if they decide they want some company. You know, higher up kind of company. And of course, I cannot imagine what sort of, ... er, ... ah, ... um, considerations, and ... [blip], emoluments, ... you understand they have to be able to say nothing was actually offered [static] and then when the coast is clear [inaubible] Ujjal, ... what are YOU doing here?

Another BC-NDPer/fed-Lib comes to mind.

Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell campaigned for Vancouver Burrard BC NDP Candidate Tim Stephenson in 2005, yet claims to support the federal Liberals.

If the BC NDP is committed to "solidarity" with its "brothers and sisters" in the federal NDP, then should it terminate the memberships of those who campaign for the Liberal Party of Canada?

Yeah, forestry: largest revenue generator in the province, one of the Vancouver Sun's Big Five ministries, facing severe and pressing issues, and the key industry in more than a dozen ridings lost by the BC Libs in May. Plus *massive* profile in the Heartlands. Sounds like Coleman is well-trusted by the Premier.

We should all be so lucky to be demoted like that.

Not to mention housing, which Rich has eyed for years.

Keep smoking yourself, Budd.

As for SolGen, that ministry was only anything because Coleman made it. In '01, the lefties and 'experts' claimed it was a make-work protfolio for a loyal soldier.

Very well, Jordan. Given your close connections to Rich Coleman, being on a first name basis as it were, I guess we can take it for granted that Coleman is not at all upset about being uprooted from the Ministry he loved. I agree Forests is a major portfolio, but for Coleman, it's a demotion in terms of his personal best fit. It's like the lawyer who wants to be A-G being told, "No, ... you'll do Finance", or the Doctor, who wants Health, being told, "You're goind Education".

In answer to Ryan, you're not quite right about Larry Campbell. He also endorsed Federal NDP Van-Centre Candidate Kennedy Stewart in the 2004 federal election. Someone who did endorse a federal Liberal was, of course, Dan Miller, who now toils tirelessly on a provincial Liberal partonage gig, some kind of Competitiveness Panel that seems to have no budget and to overlap the work of the BC Progress Board.

What real benefit is there in debating the pecking order between SolGen and Forestry? Forestry is a critically important industry to British Columbia and Coleman has a proven track record of getting things done.

One needs look no further than the NDP’s Forest Renewal scrapbook to see how much damage can be inflicted when this Ministry is mismanaged.

I am surprised that Jordan has time to post on this site and also keep up with his own website promoting Rich Coleman to be the next leader of the BC Liberal Party.

How long before Rich and Jordan stab Premier Campbell in the back!

I heard Rich is pissed being demoted and his handlers are trying to spin this demotion as much as possible.

The window of opportunity for Rich to be become the leader is shinking.

Can you imagine Rich as Premier, and worse Jordan the director of communications/strategy

Well, I *heard* that Bobby is pissed that Rich received a promotion and is ludicrously trying to spin it like it was a demotion.

No back-stabbing here; you can accuse Rich of many things, but the man is loyal to a fault. That's why his many supporters in Fort Langley-Aldergrove respect and trust him.

As for me, it takes no time at all to respond to posts like yours!

Bobby is a typical Pinko trying to stir the pot. Funny how NDP'ers often jump ship and end up as either Federal or Provincial Liberals, but you just don't see any Liberals jumping the fence and joining the hordes. And Bobby talks "loyalty". What a joke.


It turns out that I was correct about diVISION Vancouver's BC-NDP/fed-Lib Larry Campbell. Paul Martin appointed him today as Liberal Senator:


"Larry W. Campbell
One of Vancouver’s best-known and most admired citizens, Larry W. Campbell has served as mayor since 2002 after a distinguished and high profile career primarily in law enforcement and death investigation. Larry W. Campbell moved to Vancouver in 1969, working for the RCMP and later becoming a member of the force's Drug Squad. In 1981, he began work for the Government of British Columbia's Ministry of Attorney General and was instrumental in the establishment of the first Vancouver District Coroner's office, acquiring the position of Chief Coroner in 1996. His experiences in this role led to his participation in the development of the "Four-Pillar Approach" to Vancouver's east-side drug problem. His experiences as the city's Chief Coroner inspired him to become a scriptwriter for the Gemini award-winning television series Da Vinci's Inquest, which is loosely based on his own career. Larry W. Campbell has a Master's of Business Administration and currently lives with his family in Point Grey. He will be sitting in the Senate as a member of the Liberal Party of Canada."

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