Golfing with tomatoes

Last week, Public Eye reported on the provincial Liberal's sold-out Leader's Invitational Golf Tournament, one of the party's biggest fundraisers. But money from the event won't just be coming from ticket-buyers. The tournament also boasted a number of corporate sponsors who paid to have their signage at the event. Most noticeable among them was B.C. Hothouse Foods Inc. According to tournament hobnobbers, golfers were greeted at each hole by a plate of fresh, sliced vegetables - courtesy of the company.


What's the story here?

...and we thought he really cared about our health when he told us to eat our fruits & veggies every day!

I agree with Huhb...what's the story? Where are any of the stories?

The story is that the provincial Liberals sold out a fundraiser and that it was attended by a prominent BC company. I think it's nice to know who is funding our current governing party. Unless of course it's best that we don't know people think it's good for the average person to be left in the dark? It's not as if no one said they can't have fundraisers, it's just good that we know about them if we want to, yes?

Isn't there some controversy about the use of green houses inappropriately taking over prime agricultural land, not to mention what a drag on the environment they are? And, isnt' the government supposed to be at least appearing not to be in a conflict of interest?

But, with this government, there are so many scandals and untoward happenings, it's hard to keep track!

Have any of you ever been in a green house and seen the horrifying conditions there? Plants are grown in extremely close proximity, forced to spend their entire lives living in their own dirt. Offspring are immediately removed from their parents even before they've had a chance to germinate. It's total horror show.

Actually, I hear the real scandal in greenhouses is slow buildup of intergenerational dependency that afflicts some plants. Everything provided for, no effort required, it's why the tomatoes are so bland.

This Leader's Invitational Tournement is, as I understand it, one of the really big Fraser Valley functions. IOWs it tends to revolve around Coleman and Falcon and their various attaches and assistant deputy underlings, such as the notorious Jordan Bateman.

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