Dalhausie versus Oppal

Public Eye readers are well-acquainted with the adventures of the talented Barinder Sall, vote-herder extraordinaire and budding wordsmith. Previously, this organ reported Mr. Sall may soon be working as a political aide to Attorney General Wally Oppal. And now, according to our earlobes at the legislature, Mr. Sall has made our rumours come true by taking an appointment as one of the former British Columbia Appeals Court Justice's two ministerial assistants.


LOL!! great post, i heard the only reason this guy got any jobs is cause he is a Hardcore Fed Conservative, Marty brown and Lara luv guys him, THe Fanatic right wing conservatives running things in the province.Sounds like a Vinning character
All show.O Results, he is lucky it was Wally who ran, rumors are he caused a mini war in Wally's campaign with federal Lib types

finally some public eye fun!!! oh ya, he does have a horrible history with the Sikh community, apparently many community folks had a mini mourning upon hearing of Sall's appointment, he makes no bones of his hatred for his community,

Mr. Oppal should have done a thourough investigation on this guys past before hiring him, major baggage!! I guess it will come out when he decides to run for the federal conservatives, until then he will further destroy relations with his Indo community. Let the disaster Begin.

Looks like Julius Caesar has arrived...no need to get your turbans out of a knot. Barinder Sal the next candidate for the Conservative party in Van-South once Uncle Uj calls it quits.

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