Class traitors unite!

Is there a Red conspiracy at the Health Employers Association of British Columbia, which represents employer interests at the collective bargaining table? That's what some eyebrow raisers are wondering upon hearing that former provincial New Democrat caucus executive director Elaine Doyle, who served under the Harcourt administration, has been hired as one of the organization's 15 labour relations consultants. Junior McCarthyites who follow such matters will remember the president and chief executive officer of the health employers is none other than Louise Simard. Ms. Simard, in a past life, was a health minister with the New Democrat government in Saskatchewan. But, in an interview, employers association senior vice-president Tony Collins said Ms. Doyle's hiring was done on the basis of merit. In related news, Mr. Collins also confirmed the departure of fellow senior vice-president Joanne Arnold.

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But where is Peter Burton in all this news?

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