Helping out the hired help

Most political assistant serve out their careers in obscurity, toiling away without receiving the recongition they so richly deserve. But if you include yourself among those ranks, don't worry. Public Eye is here to save you from that ignoble fate! Earlier, we revealed the names of the second Campbell administration's ministerial assistants. And now, our team of spies has helpfully assembled a list of their junior cousins: the executive assistants. Most interesting among that list is newcomer Robert Mackay-Dunn, who will be serving under Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon. Mr. Mackay-Dunn got his political feet wet working as a scheduler/aide for Liberal candidate Joan McIntyre-Pottinger, who ran and won in North Vancouver-Garibaldi. But most will best know him for being the son of Hector Mackay-Dunn, Liberal insider extraordinaire.

Intergovernmental relations, Martina Kapac
Aboriginal relations and reconciliation, Colin Doylend
Advanced education, Alison Leontaridis
Agriculture and lands, Adam Buchanan
Attorney general, Terry Lalari
Children and family development, Marina Guest
Community services, Lindsay McCray
Economic development, Andrew Wynn-Williams
Childcare, Nancy Hintz
Education, Lisa Dominato
Employment and income assistance, T.J. Parhar
Energy, mines and petroleum resources Frank Costa
Environment, Michelle Obara
Finance, Lorraine MacDonald
Forests and Range, vacant
Health, Alex Dutton
Labour and citizens' services, RJ Senko
Mining, Muneesh Sharma
Public safety and solicitor general, Don Smukowich
Small business and revenue, Samantha Thorpe
Tourism, sports and the arts, Christine Lewis
Transportation, Robert Mackay-Dunn


What about Forests and Range?


You don't know who the EA is for Rich Coleman? I am shocked. ; )

I just wanna know if SEAN knows...

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