Up and incoming

Some events political watchers should be aware of this week: today, the Campbell administration will be holding its first caucus meeting since cabinet was sworn-in. The proceedings should make for interesting fly-on-the-wall viewing, given that some backbenchers are rumoured to be upset about not receiving ministerial appointments. Cabinet will also be meeting in Vancouver today. And tomorrow, British Columbia's public accounts - a listing of all government expenses for the past fiscal year - will be released during a morning press conference featuring the lovely and talented Finance Minister Carole Taylor and her able assistant, comptroller general/boy scout Arn van Iersel. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours.


Sean, your link to 24 hours seems to be broken...

I wonder what Lorne Mayencourt will have to say for himself after his "I am not a Liberal, I am not a right-winger, I am not an asshole" speech made on Canada Now BEFORE the results of the recount? "Um, never mind."

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