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Today, the Times Colonist reported "Diane Rabbani was recruited by the Liberals in 2003 to be a deputy minister with a mandate to 'recruit, retain and develop leaders.' During the cabinet swearing-in on June 16 she was named associate deputy minister of the Public Service Agency. But in less than two weeks her name has been expunged from the government system. There's no word from government about what's going on." Public Eye broke the news about Ms. Rabbani's status yesterday, informing readers that James Gorman had taken over as acting head of the agency.


For the love of God, Sean, They only publish ONCE A DAY!!! Of COURSE your website with it's 46 readers broke the news first. That's how the Internet works!!

"The Drudge Report" you are not. Petty and bitter towards your former employers for kicking your butt out the door, I think so!

Actually I think the readership has decreased from 46. I used to enjoy Public Eye and was excited when it came back to life...but quite frankly all I've been is bored since its return.

I've found that too...A lot of posts, but really nothing exciting

So what is an exciting post for you? I never thought I would be sticking up for Sean but this is way more than you would get reading the scum for a month.But disgruntled reader sounds like disgruntled fiberal.

If Anon, Disgruntled Reader and A find this website so boring why have they taken the time to post a comment? Perhaps they should start their own website.

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