Setting the record straight?

Earlier, Public Eye reported pub and hospitality sales consultant Dawn Donahue, who is co-organizing the provincial Liberal's Leader's Invitational Golf Tournament, first said she knew about the fundraiser and then claimed she didn't. But a hour after posting that story we received a call from Ms. Donahue who said, "I'm just organizing (the Liberal's) golf tournament. So I don't know anything else about it other than on-course activities. If you need any information about it, phone the B.C. Liberal head office - (executive director) Kelly Reichert...Sorry. I just didn't realize what you were talking about when you called cause I do so many golf tournaments. I thought you were talking about (a fundraiser for former Solicitor General) Rich Coleman." Uh, huh.


Good lord, and they wonder why people think they aren't being an "open and accountable" government.

BF this for next years reporting of fundraising donations. The cost is over $250 per person. It will be interesting to know if they record the donations of a group of four under one name, ie a company paid for all four so we don't know who attended.

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