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The third annual Leader's Invitational Golf Tournament, held at the Golden Eagle Golf Course in Maple Ridge, is one of the provincial Liberal's most profitable fundraisers. Last year, the Fraser Valley event - primarily put together by Camp Coleman followers - earned the party $240,272. By comparison, Dinner Under The Sails, the Liberal's biggest moneymaker, took in $328,917. But it seems the party is reluctant to talk about this year's tournament, scheduled for Monday.

According to Public Eye spies, the event is being organized by former Solicitor General Rich Coleman's wife Michele and Dawn Donahue, who runs DJB Consultants Inc. - a business that (interestingly enough) specializes in boosting sales for pub and hospitality services. But, reached on her cell phone, Ms. Donahue first said she knew about the event and then claimed she didn't. The following is a complete transcript of our very brief and bizarre interview with her.


Public Eye I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about the leader's invitational golf tournament - like how many people you've signed up so far?

Ms. Donahue Actually, Sean we can't tell you anything about this.

Public Eye You can't tell me anything about this? Why is that?

Ms. Donahue It's just a very quiet little golf tournament. That's all. We don't say anything about it.

Public Eye Oh, come on. It's not a quiet little tournament at all. It's quite well known.

Ms. Donahue (Laughter) It's just a few boys playing golf in the Valley.

Public Eye Ah, just a few boys playing golf in the Valley. Yeah. How much are the tickets?

Ms. Donahue I don't have any of that information.

Public Eye Who would?

Ms. Donahue Could you tell me who sent you again?

Public Eye I'm the legislative reporter for 24 hours and editor of Public Eye, a journal covering provincial and federal politics in B.C.

Ms. Donahue Yeah, I'm sorry I don't know anything about this.

Public Eye You don't know anything about what?

Ms. Donahue The tournament.

Public Eye You don't anything about the tournment?

Ms. Donahue No.

Public Eye Oh. Well, I thought we were just talking about the tournament?

Ms. Donanhue Yeah, no. I don't know anything about it.

Public Eye Oh, I thought you were organizing it?

Ms. Donahue No. Sorry. I organize some charity golf tournaments for ovarian cancer.

Public Eye Okay...Well, thanks very much. Take care.

Ms. Donahue Bye-bye.

Later, Public Eye discovered the leader's invitational is now sold out. Tickets were $1,188 for a golf foursome. No word on how many are attending.

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