Sea change on land

Agricultural Land Commission chief executive officer Kirk Miller is leaving government at the end of this month, Public Eye has learned. In an interview, Mr. Miller - who has been with the commission for 29-years, with 10 spent as its head - confirmed the departure saying, "It was time to was agreed some time ago that we should be looking at whether we need a chief executive and two directors as part of a structure that only has 18 staff. And we always felt we had one too many. So I said, let's make this work for everybody," by deciding to resign.

For the time being, directors Colin Fry and Brian Underhill will be reporting directly to commission chair Erik Karlsen. When asked what he would be doing now, Mr. Miller said, "I'm going to take some time and use my unused vacation time. I'm just going to sitback and reassess. It's funny - when I started with the commission I never thought I'd stay there for 29-years. So I can now decide what I want to do when I grow up." Mr. Miller has been a strong supporter of the agricultural land reverse, advocating a build-up, not a build-out philosophy.


Kirk was very commited to the ALR and the purpose for it being there. 29 years is a long time, many Premier's and different governments, some that had wanted to eliminate the ALR. He managed to steer a pretty good course and likely the fact he was there we still have an agricultural industry in the province.

More help needed for the industry but that is a matter for government.

Is it just a coincidence that Kirk is leaving as the Barnston Island debate looms on the horizon?

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