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Last week, Public Eye reported outgoing Speaker Claude Richmond summarily exited legislative comptroller Peter Bray from his position as the precinct's principle financial watchdog. And now it seems the clerk's office has found an interim replacement. Everyone give a big welcome to the not-so-talkative Bill Gano, who started work today.

In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Gano said, he'd "prefer not" to talk about his background. Asked when he was hired, the comptroller replied "I'm not going to comment on such things." And how long does he plan on sticking around for? "Nope, we're not going to have this conversation," stated Mr. Gano - who is already differentiating himself from his media-accessible predecessor. He wouldn't even tell us who hired him.

But don't worry Mr. Gano. Thanks to miracles of modern technology we've been able to find out you used to work at the Alberta legislature as the director of administrative and information services. If anyone else has more information, Public Eye and our readers would be much oblidged.


I posted a message on my blog and emailed a few bloggers in Alberta. One helpful blogger sent this to me. Hope it helps.

"Mr. Tannas: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Hon. members, today I’d like to acknowledge the service of two employees who have served the Legislative Assembly Office with integrity, dedication, and who have recently announced their impending retirement.


Bill Gano began his career with the public service in 1974, initially working as a programmer in the formative years of the computer age. His career progressed and brought him to the
Legislative Assembly Office in 1989 to oversee the development of our computer systems. Bill is the director of two branches: information systems services and financial management and administrative services. He also serves as a senior financial officer and has responsibility for records management, freedom of information and protection of privacy issues. Bill is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Parliamentary Administrators.

I would ask that Vivian and Bill rise in your gallery, Mr. Speaker, and receive the recognition and thanks of all members of this House."

I forgot to add, it was from Hansard

From Alberta Hansard
May 11, 2004

1999 Annual Report

Administrative/Information Systems Services: Information Systems Services
Bill Gano, Director and Senior Financial Officer


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