Truth in acronyms

The bureaucrats who run the provincial government's shake 'em, bake 'em ministry of energy and mines aren't exactly lacking in testosterone. But their hormones levels were boosted last week when the Liberals added petroleum resources to the ministry's nameplate. The reason for that boost: some civil servants are now referring to the department as EMPiRre. Make of that what you will.


Yes, this EMPR is the latest in quite the interesting list of acronym "coincidences" in the past several years.
**The former ministry of Water Land and Air Protection=WLAP - Wallop (To strike with a hard blow (as in "We gave a good wallop to the Conservation Officer staffing levels"))
**The former ministry of Management Services=MSER - Miser (term for a person who is reluctant to spend money (on government services perhaps?))
**The former ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services=CAWS (The 'cause' of concern or problems for certain administrations?)

Just a note for you young kids: the NDP prior to the 1996 election also called it the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. It was also known then as "Empire". Is it really too had to think back even a decade?

That was almost half my life ago, dude, so I guess it is a little "had" for me to remember. Thanks for your history lesson and assumptive scolding though.
I suggest more funny acronyms would be better reading material (any era will do)!!

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