Children and family development bureaucrats have had one of the ministry's most precious programs removed from their care. The provincial Liberals have transfered responsibility for child and youth mental health to the civil servants at health, who also currently hold the adult mental health file. That amalgamation, which existed before the Liberals came into office, might seem to make sense. But there are apparently concerns within the bureaucracy that, with so many other programs to look after, health may not pay enough attention to the child and youth mental health plan - introduced two years ago by then Children and Family Development Minister Gordon Hogg.


The children' s system is a mess and getting worse.This will be part of the neoliberal legacy, one which basically has forgotten about children and instead has stoked the bureaucrats who run the system for their wonderful job in cutting budgets and covering up the neglect and death of children in this provonce by abuse..Jane Morley, Children's commissioner, is a Dickensian caricature, preoccupied with upholding the lie which stands for services to children and families for her political masters. Hide children's mental health by putting it back into the biggest bureaucracy of all, Health. Makes sense if you want to cover up the incompetency of MCFD. Wonder if Ms. Airheadton will have this on her website.

Perhaps we should look at the bright side.

At least it didn't go to the Home on the Range Ministry.


I think the story said that these services were delivered by Health in the first place. That would mean they were delivered by health under the previous NDP government.

There was an announcement in Victoria yesterday - the 22nd such announcement I think - about a local aboriginal group taking over responsibility for aboriginal children in care. Every single one of those agreements signed by the BC Liberal government, none by the NDP.

Get off your high horse, the air up there is making you giddy.

I think you'll find that these services were transferred out of Health when the Ministry of Child and Family Services was created by the NDP about seven or eight years ago; consistent with Justice Gove's recommendatrions on integrating all things children ...

Well John, your government has abandoned children which is my point.Call it a high horse if you so please to dismiss this point but the facts are the severe cuts and lack of services for children are wrong no matter who has made the cuts and policy changes.

Ah yes, the cretinous sock puppet John English has surfaced again. Glad to see you have crawled back from under your rock.

Please read Manufacturing Children's Lives & Deaths
& Community Living Devolution on my blog for info on what's happening in child welfare and where things are going rapidly.

Please help stop this from happening, or at least slow down the process. This really is a matter of life and death for vulnerable children, youth and families and that cuts across ideological viewpoints.

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