The Young and The Restless

As Public Eye previously reported, provincial cabinet ministers weren't the only ones who got shuffled last week. Many political aides also did the two-step, switching from one portfolio to another. The following is a complete list of which ministerial assistants are where, as compiled by our spies.

Intergovernmental relations, Ian Todd
Aboriginal relations and reconciliation, Joan Dick
Advanced education, Michael Harrison
Agriculture and lands, Jake McEwan
Attorney general, Jason Kuzminski
Children and family development, Sharon McKinnon
Childcare, Jennifer Burnett
Community services, Steven Puhallo
Economic development, Alex McMillan
Education, Brian Cox
Employment and income assistance, Penelope Chandler
Energy, mines and petroleum resources, Joel Palmer
Environment, Jerry Muir and Phil Rygg
Finance, Lisa Braman
Forests, Tobie Myers and Bruce Strongitharm
Health, Tom Brown and Steve Vander Wal
Labour and citizens' services, David Cyr and Bill Hepburn
Public safety and solicitor general, Rachel Curran
Small business and revenue, Derek Rolestone
Tourism, sport and the arts, Barb Ewens and Ian MacLean
Transportation, Fraser Randall

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It's easy to rise to the top when there are only two staff in the office eh!

This list shows the glaring lack of senior level political talent in Victoria.

When some of these folks have the senior position in a Ministers office you gotta wonder what talent is left in caucus staff, and research staff....

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