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The date for one of the biggest match-ups in British Columbia politics has been set. In one corner, labour movement members who want to retain their influence over the provincial New Democrats. In the other, moderates determined to bust that influence up. Who will win? Who's regime will reign supreme? Find out on November 25 at the provincial party's 37th convention, scheduled to be held over a three-day period at the luxurious Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina in Vancouver, according to an email sent to constituency association presidents and other New Democrat hierarchs. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours. The following is a copy of that email, which was leaked to Public Eye.

Pre-Convention call
November 25-27, 2005 Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

June 7, 2005

The 37th Convention of the BC New Democratic Party will take place at the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver, BC commencing at approximately 5 pm November 25 and running through to approximately 12:00 p.m. November 27, 2005. This is a pre-Convention call to inform constituency associations, affiliated organizations, and other interested parties of important dates and deadlines associated with the Convention. The official Convention call will be distributed in August.


August 22, 2005 Official Convention call (Article 10.04)
August 28, 2005 Cut off date for calculation of delegate entitlement (Article 10.11)
September 6, 2005 Delegate entitlement distributed
September 12, 2005 Honourary Lifetime Member deadline (forms and guidelines will follow in a later bulletin)
September 27, 2005 Deadline for submission of resolutions (Article 10.06)


Enclosed is a bulletin on the Resolutions Process. Please ensure that you and your association or organization refers to this document when drafting resolutions for Convention. A suggested format also accompanies this notice. In order to facilitate the processing of resolutions, please submit resolutions on separate sheets of paper. Resolutions must be typed or printed. Illegible resolutions will be returned to the sponsor. The deadline for submitting resolutions is determined by the party’s constitution. Late resolutions cannot be accepted. The time allocation for resolutions in plenary sessions, scheduling of policy topics and the overall convention format and agenda will be developed in the coming weeks.


Convention 2005 is being held at the Westin Bayshore Hotel, Vancouver. A block of rooms will be allocated for Convention delegates. Future communications will include details. If you have any questions regarding Convention, please email

Sincerely Gerry Scott
Provincial Secretary
jcb/cope 15

BC NDP CONVENTION 2005 VANCOUVER Resolutions Process

These "unofficial" notes are intended to assist people in understanding the Convention resolution process.

How are Resolutions Processed?

01. Resolutions are submitted after approval by a majority vote at properly constituted meetings of groups identified in the BC NDP constitution. These include constituency associations, affiliated organizations, policy sub-committees, standing committees and the YND.

02. Resolutions must be received at NDP Provincial Office by the appointed deadline. For the 2005 Convention this deadline is September 27, 2005.

03. Resolutions are grouped by policy topics. Each resolution is identified by the source from which it originated (e.g. constituency association). Any identical resolutions will list all sources.

04. Resolutions are referred to the appropriate policy sub-committee for priorization. Sub-committees may propose composite resolutions where there are similarities between resolutions.

05. After priorization, resolutions are printed in the Convention Guide.

06. Appeals of resolution priorities are referred to the Convention Resolutions Committee.

07. The Convention deals with resolutions in order of priority in each policy area during designated time slots. It is most likely that only the first five or fewer of the priority list will reach the floor of Convention for debate.

08. Amendments to resolutions cannot be proposed on the Convention floor. Delegates can refer resolutions to the Convention Resolutions Committee to consider amendments.

09. The Resolution Committee establishes its own meeting times and agenda. These times are posted in the Convention office and other locations. The Committee meets on several occasions and deals with appeals for one policy area at a time. The Committee will hear from a delegate speaking on behalf of a delegation, from the policy sub-committee, and any other delegation affected by an appeal or amendment

10. Delegations wishing to appeal a resolution's priority can assist the process by contacting one of the co-chairs of the affected policy sub-committee and any other delegation that may be affected by the change. The process works best if all parties are present at the hearing.

11. Emergency resolutions can only deal with urgent topics and concerns that emerge after the September 27 resolution deadline. Emergency resolutions must be sponsored by a delegation and submitted to the Convention Resolutions Committee by its deadline as posted at Convention. Which resolutions are most likely to be debated? Resolutions most likely to be debated on the Convention floor are clear, to the point, easy to understand, and deal with salient and timely policy issues. Policy resolutions establish guidelines for the Party that will be used to work out the details for a platform or program. Resolutions that do well follow these criteria:

* they use plain and understandable language;
* they refer to existing NDP principles;
* they include relevant facts; and
* they are precise about what delegates are being asked to support.

Resolutions should be submitted as early as possible, but no later than September 27, 2005. Resolutions may be sent by e-mail, fax, or mail to the Convention Coordinator:

Fax: 604-432-9517
3110 Boundary Road
Burnaby BC
V5M 4A2

MEMORANDUM TO: Constituency Association Presidents
FROM: Nicola Hill, Director of Organization
RE: Delegate Selection Meetings
DATE: June 3, 2005

Provincial Office will inform you of your constituency's Convention 2005 delegate entitlement on September 6, 2005 based on membership as of August 28, 2005. As soon as you have determined the date, time, and location of your constituency association's delegate selection meeting, please fill out the attached form and fax or mail the information to Provincial Office. If using e-mail, please forward the information to Thank you for your assistance. The information will assist Provincial Office staff in providing the necessary support for all delegate selection meetings.


AGM for BC Conservative Party will take place in September, for those who are interested. Details will be released later.

No one is interested in the BCCP AGM.

hey wow, public eye is back, that's fantastic!

Hey. It's Dagmar.

This convention, the NDP will be at a Crossroads. There are two distinct paths: Freaky, and Non-Freaky. Which will the NDP choose?

The way I understand this event. One vote one person. I do believe James has said that a number of times. So nobody has a automatic number of votes. Am I a delegate, NO But I don't think anyone should get their shirts in a not over this convention

Wow.. there's a hot lead. A pre convention call email. I think that people who are expecting a huge bruhaha over this one, are wishing for too much. I believe that the debate will be lively, as always, but at the end of the day, I also believe that labour understands what direction Carole is going with this party. And I don't think that there will be too much of a fight.

No more so a fight than if Campbell was to try and "modernize" the BC Liberals relationship with big business and corporate interests. I think that this convention will be a lively event, a positive event, given the results of May 17th.

Public sector unions survive off fat cat deals from the NDP. If you think that the labour movement is going to stand there and concede their power without a fight you are in for a big surprise.

But you could be right and the NDP and Labour could start making more backroom deals, far from public scrutiny. That would probably be the smartest move.

The NDP will still have strong labour ties, but will those ties be as visible to the public? This convention is just going to be a public relations exercise.

Is the NDP even really the NDP without labour?

As a side note it's good to see this site back in action. I was getting sick of having to read the left wing propaganda machines on the internet. This is the only place where one can find unbiased reporting on all political stripes.
We need to get the discussion in this site back to the pre-shutdown levels.

The New Democratic Party style sure is wonderful!
Contrast it with the Gordoccio & Co open government.

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