Death from above

Following the election, many thought the premier's chief of staff Martyn Brown would be culling the provincial Liberal's ministerial aide herd. After all, fewer ministers means fewer ministerial and executive assistants. But it looks like a number of them aren't waiting to see if they're headed to the slaughterhouse. Senior aides Jacqualine Cunliffe and Blake Lyall both quit last week. They join ministerial assistant Jocelyn Stanton and executive assistant Forrest Parlee who already announced they were leaving the legislative precincts. Mr. Parlee, who was recruited by former true Grit cabinet minister Christy Clark, has been appointed a senior policy advisor to Senator Jack Austin.


Geez, these guys are in no shape to be losing talent to Ottawa - it should be the other way around.

"Special advisor" to a Canadian senator! Talk about your phone-in jobs. Where do I sign up?

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