All the premier's men (and women)

Earlier, Public Eye told you a number of ministerial aides would be taking up residence in the West Annex. And now we have two names to report: former energy and mines ministerial assistant Jeff Hanman and former education ministerial assistant Tera Nelson. Mr. Hanman and Ms. Nelson will be reporting to Jay Schlosar, who will be balancing the title of sexiest man at the legislature with increased issues management responsibilities. Meanwhile, his boss, deputy chief of staff Tom Syer, will be adding policy development duties to his workload.

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Interesting. Tom Syer is "Director of Issues Management," a communications/politics job. He will now be given policy responsibilities. This is similar to what happened after the American Presidential election, when Karl Rove was also given policy responsibilities in addition to his political responsibilities. The reaction can be seen here:

"Empowering Rove in this way shows that Bush cares more about political positioning than honest policy discussions." - DNC Chairman Terence R. McAuliffe

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