If only cabinet was unionized

Today, the premier declassified one of his most closely-guarded secrets: the identities of the provincial government's new cabinet ministers. Among the appointees: former private members Bill Bennett and Barry Penner. But not all of the government's re-elected backbenchers were as lucky. David Hayer, Richard Lee and Val Roddick at least got parliamentary secretary posts. But many others have never even got a whiff of a cabinet or caucus officer job. The following is a complete list of the unfortunates.

Harry Bloy, elected 2001
Randy Hawes, elected 2001
Dan Jarvis, elected 1991
Blair Lekstrom, elected 2001
Dennis Mackay, elected 2001
Lorne Mayencourt, elected 2001
John Nuraney, elected 2001
Ralph Sultan, elected 2001


Not one Cabinet Minister from Burnaby to Mission, but two in Chilliwack. Sheesh!! Nothing like ignoring the fastest growing region in the province.

14 years without getting a post, either there is something wrong with Dan Jarvis or Gordon probably has something against him. I was surprised to see some of them not making the list though. They are the more conservative bunch of the caucus and I would have thought that Gordon Campbell would offer some of them posts to keep them loyal.

This sudden shift towards moderate is not something that I want to see from Gordon's government. I hope he is just epxerimenting with this moderate apporach. But putting liberals in the front row aint gonna make him look any better. by alienating the hard-core conservatives, Gordon's approach just may backfire. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

One cabinet minister from Surrey. Four from the real Liberal 'Heartland' of Abbotsford/Chilliwack.
Surprised Hogg did not resurface anywhere.

F-H Kung--

re: Mr Jarvis' continued purgatory.

Four words.


I'm more concerned that only five women made it. At least get McIntyre in there over van Dongen!

75% of the cabinet are White Men.

Put mayencourt in a Cabinet position. Nothing would be better for pundits. Imagine the cartoons, the stories. If we have to have Lorne, at least let us have some fun with him.

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