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Nancy Campbell, the premier's wife, may be driving a little farther to work. Ms. Campbell has been named principal of Howe Sound Secondary School in Squamish. She had previously been a vice-principal at Templeton High School in Vancouver. The premier, who is currently traveling back to British Columbia from Washington, D.C., was unavailable for comment. In 2003, when the Campbells sold their four-bedroom Point Grey home, Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer reported the couple was planning on spending more time in their Sunshine Coast holiday home. This article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours.


Welcome back Sean, we have sorely missed you. Going into a second term it will be interesting to see how the press treat Campbell and his crew. How did you feel about the blatant supporting of the Liberals in the last election? In a market where Canwest controls the majority of information it was a little heavy handed. Even though i t shows how vulnerable the Liberals really were. An NDP win was definetely a possibility and the next 4 years will be very interesting.

Welcome back Sean. Before the lefties work themselves into a fury of indignation over the election results and how they were defeated by an evil and malignant corporate media (eyes look skyward), let it be said that British Columbians got exactly the result in the provincial election camapaign they wanted: A BC Liberal majority and a strong NDP opposition.

You can armchair quarterback all you want, but the voters decided and I think they are pleased with the result.

Hey Sean. Welcome back. As for John English, he better realize that his Liberal boys are in for a rude awakening with a strong NDP opposition -- and THAT's just what the voters wanted. Besudes, who could expect any party to go from 2 seats to government in one term. Liberals better smarted up real quick, or they'll find themselves on the unemployment lines in 2009. And I won't hire any of them.

Gordon Campbell was not anywhere close to Point Grey during the campaign. Who cares about where the politicians live. Mary Polak will make a great MLA, from Surrey or from Lanley. So I certainly dont mind.

Congrats, Nancy.

Fan-Hsin Kung

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