The value of friendship

Earlier this month, a number of Public Eye readers reported Kushpal Gill, previously president of Premier Glen Clark's constituency association and a British Columbia Ferries Corp. board member, was campaigning on behalf of provincial Liberal Vancouver-Langara nomination candidate Sandy McCormick. In an interview with Public Eye, the former city councillor refused to confirm or deny those reports, saying, "People help out. And if they want their names divulged that would be their business. Lots of people are helping on our campaign."

But when we reached Mr. Gill earlier this evening and asked whether he was involved with Ms. McCormick's campaign, he said "Sandy McCormick? Sandy McCormick? She's a candidate with which party?"

After answering Mr. Gill's question, he then told us he had "met (Ms. McCormick) at a mutual friend's party. But I'm not involved with the campaign...I know people who are helping her - some very good friends are helping her. But I'm not directly involved with the campaign sign-ups or anything."

Mr. Gill also denied campaigning for Burnaby-Willingdon provincial New Democrat non-candidate Tony Nobody, although he did say Mr. Kuo was a good friend of his.


Normally Indo-Canadians like Kushpal Gill would drop any name they know. But this shows you even the Indos do not want to be associated with Sandy McCormick.

It's odd that Sandy McCormick refused to confirm or deny that Kushpal Gill was working on her campaign. It's also odd that she said "People help out. And if they want their names divulged that would be their business. Lots of people are helping on our campaign." Usually politicians are happy to demonstrate how well their campaign is doing by pointing out who is supporting them. If Gill is not helping McCormick, why doesn't she just say so?

Kushpal Gill signed up all kinds of "new members" for nominations, in Burnaby, in New Westminster and in Vancouver, in fact all over the lower mainland. And, he could care less if he's working for the Libs or the NDP. Let's keep it mind it's the candidates for nomination, and their teams that seek him out, not the other way around.

Sean what you should have asked is whether or not she was paying him to campaign on her behalf.

I've heard that McCormick also hired and paid someone to put together a poll to make her look good. What's the story behind that, huh?

The guy who did the poll was "Robins reasearch"...word is, they will get you any outcome you want ....for a price

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