In other news, the ides of March are fast approaching

It looks like provincial Liberal backbencher Tony Bhullar's nomination bid in Surrey-Panorama Ridge may be contested. According to the rumour mill, Hans Trucking Ltd. president Bob Hans is also contemplating running for the nomination. But when Public Eye spoke with Mr. Hans earlier this afternoon, he declined to confirm those rumours, instead saying, "I'm interested in helping the Liberals anywhere I can help them out, wherever they prefer me to do a job. So that's all I can say right now."

But when we asked the trucking company owner whether Surrey-Tynehead MLA David Hayer was involved with his nomination campaign (introducing him to the party's movers and shakers, etc.), Mr. Hans said, "It's not only David Hayer. I know a lot of people in the Liberal party - Brenda Locke, Kevin Falcon, Rich Coleman, Rob Nijjar, Patty Sihota, Harry Bloy and Randy Hawes. I've been involved with the party quite a bit, so I know a lot of people...So it's not only one person. No one controls Bob and Bob's not controlled by any one person."

Mr. Bhullar, who currently represents Surrey-Newton, earlier announced he would be vacating his riding to make room for former Olympian Daniel Igali. A nomination meeting date for Surrey-Panorama Ridge has not yet been set.


If the potential candidates are going to speak in 3rd person then Polkaroo is thinking that Mr. Bhullar does not have too much to worry about.

The inside scoop is that Bob Hans was initially seeking nomination in Surrey-Newton riding, until Gordon Campbell personally called him to free up this riding for Daniel Igali.

Mr. Hans was then moved to Panorama riding, to put him against Tony Bhuller, who had already announced that he was running there. It is obvious that Brenda Locke, Kevin Falcon, Rich Coleman, Rob Nijjar, Patty Sihota, Harry Bloy and Randy Hawes are not very good friends of Mr. Hans. Mr. Hans don't be fool, wake up and see that the party wants the Indo-Canadians to fight each other.

Gordon killed two birds with one stone, freeing up this riding for Igali and healthy competition for Mr. Bhuller because of his personal disliking of him. This is again party policy to have the Indo-Canadians fighting each other. Gordon will see the fruits of this policy on May 17th, obviously he had not learned from the last by-election in Panorama.

Here something for discussion, and feed back from others. How did Mr. Igali come to Canada? Did he not come to the Commonwealth Games, and decided to stay here by claiming refugee status? On what grounds was his refugee status accepted? Was it because he was persecuted in his homeland Nigeria?
Did he not beat the Canadian Immigration system by
by-passing the long line ups overseas for people who apply for refugee status within the Canadian Immigarions laws? Did Mr. Igali ever collect welfare in B.C.? Mr. Igali welcome to the profession of politics in B.C.

I would be interest to read the feed back.

As for the inequities of our immigration policy - this is a huge federal problem area that has nothing to do with BC politics.

The federal Liberals have long been happy to sell off Canadian citizenship to those willing to pay to jump the queue and have also been unwilling to deal with the refugee question in a consistant and fair way.

I don't think its fair to judge a man who we were happy to claim as Canadian when it suited our national ego (i.e; wrestling as a Canadian in the olympics) and then dump on him after the fact.

As to welfare, if he did claim it he probably needed to because he couldn't find work under the previous socialist regime. Again, criticising him for this will look small and petty as a political tactic.

Canadians are very tolerant and welcome immigrants - especially in BC; look at some of our previous Premier's including Van der Zalm and Dosanjh (albeit he was not elected) - they were both foreign born.

That's my feedback.

"feed back" is one word

Wow "haha", your contribution certainly adds to the discussion in a thoughtful and constructive manner. In fact, pointing out Paul S' single typo entirely negates the otherwise sound logic he demonstrates throughout his post!

I'm in awe of your genius.

Andrew... please try and read the definition below - particularly definition 3. and then "pissoff".


Dictionaryfeed·back (fēd'băk')

1. The return of a portion of the output of a process or system to the input, especially when used to maintain performance or to control a system or process.

2.The portion of the output so returned.
Sound created when a transducer such as a microphone or electric guitar picks up sound from a speaker connected to an amplifier and regenerates it back through the amplifier.

3.The return of information about the result of a process or activity; an evaluative response: asked the students for feedback on the new curriculum.

4. The process by which a system, often biological or ecological, is modulated, controlled, or changed by the product, output, or response it produces.

(apologies Andrew - the above post was directed of course at "haha" - who should still "pissoff")

I guess Bhullar will be going back to his P-3 or better known as his bird killing machine. I heard it was Bhullar pointing his laser at the cockpit of the airplanes. Good luck Tony, Hans just got your riding.

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