Red menace takes to the streets

Last Tuesday, Public Eye reported the provincial New Democrats were organizing a British Columbia-wide door-knocking campaign on February 26. And it looks like the Burnaby hivemind has decided to send out an email let their dones in on the secret. In an email sent out on Friday, party organizer Ryan Stewart notified members that on Saturday New Democrats will be going house-to-house "finding out first-hand the concerns that ordinary people have about the Gordon Campbell government." The following is a complete copy of that email, which includes a listing of the campaign's local coordinators.

From: Ryan Stewart
To: Ryan Stewart
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 11:31 AM
Subject: Join Us February 26 for Neighbour to Neighbour Day


On Saturday, February 26, after almost four years of being ignored by an uncaring BC Liberal government, people in communities across BC will have the opportunity to make their views known to New Democrat candidates and campaign teams.

New Democrats across BC will be going door-to-door to meet with residents of their communities as part of "Neighbour-to-Neighbour Day". We're looking forward to finding out first-hand the concerns that ordinary people have about the Gordon Campbell government - and the issues they’d like to see New Democrat candidates take to Victoria on May 17.

We need volunteers to help out around the province. Please contact your local "Neighbour-to-Neighbour Day" coordinator for more information.

Local coordinators for the "Neighbour-to-Neighbour Day"

Abbotsford-Clayburn - Lynn Perrin
Abbotsford-Mount Lehman - Bob Douglas
Alberni-Qualicum - Mike Kuruliak
Bulkley Valley-Stikine - Shelley Worthington
Burnaby-Edmonds - Carol Riviere
Burnaby North - Bill Steemson
Burnaby-Willingdon - Lorraine Shore
Burquitlam - Joanne Day
Cariboo North - Rick Cash
Cariboo South - Peggy Christianson
Chilliwack-Kent - Malcolm James
Chilliwack-Sumas - Maida Hailstone
Columbia River-Revelstoke - Aman Virk
Comox Valley - Thelma Oliver
Coquitlam-Maillardville - Linda Asgeirsson
Cowichan-Ladysmith - Bob Smits
Delta North - Ernie Fulton
Delta South - Steve Corrie
East Kootenay - Len Kosiec
Esquimalt-Metchosin - Kathy Rogowski
Fort Langley-Aldergrove - Terri Van Steinberg
Kamloops - Rick Lebitschnig
Kamloops-North Thompson - Frank Anderson
Kelowna-Lake Country - John Powell
Kelowna-Mission - Karen Abramsen
Langley - Mike Morin
Malahat-Juan de Fuca - Dianne Kennedy
Maple Ridge-Mission - Catherine Garvey
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows - Diana Williams
Nanaimo - Joyce Scotton
Nanaimo-Parksville - Cindy Lowry
Nelson-Creston - Laurie Page
New Westminster - Bill Harper
North Coast - Rod Kingsfield
North Island - Michele Babchuk
North Vancouver-Lonsdale - Bill Kessel
North Vancouver-Seymour - Kristina Vandervoort
Oak Bay Gordon-Head - Laura Mead
Okanagan-Vernon - Craeg Pohorelic
Okanagan-Westside - Dave Finnis
Peace River North - Jean Leahy
Peace River South - Elmer Kabush
Penticton-Okanagan Valley - John Carboni
Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain - Brad West
Port Moody-Westwood - Scott McRitchie
Powell River-Sunshine Coast - Charles Burns
Prince George-Mount Robson - Lois Boone
Prince George North - Lois Boone
Prince George-Omineca - Lois Boone
Richmond Centre - Norm Conrad
Richmond East - Norm Conrad
Richmond-Steveston - Norm Conrad
Saanich North and the Islands - Sue Stroud
Saanich South - Jennifer Burgis
Shuswap - Steve Guidone
Skeena - Rob Goffinet
Surrey-Cloverdale - Susan Curror
Surrey-Green Timbers - John Pollard
Surrey-Newton - Emily Zimmerman
Surrey-Panorama Ridge - Rajwant Brar
Surrey-Tynehead - Barry Bell
Surrey-Whalley - Lori Winstanley
Surrey-White Rock - Teri Sobo
Vancouver-Burrard - Donna Mottershead
Vancouver-Fairview - Mary-Lynn Baum
Vancouver-Fraserview - Nash Chhabra
Vancouver-Hastings - Sharon Gregson
Vancouver-Kensington - Jim Edmondson
Vancouver-Kingsway - Joanne Banfield
Vancouver-Langara - Rick Dobson
Vancouver-Mount Pleasant - Ryan Stewart
Vancouver-Point Grey - Carol Cole
Vancouver-Quilchena - Susan Pond
Victoria-Beacon Hill - Bruce Fogg
Victoria-Hillside - Maura Parte
West Kootenay-Boundary - Ed Conroy
West Vancouver-Capilano - Terry Platt
West Vancouver-Garibaldi - Lyle Fenton
Yale-Lillooet - Millie Mitchell


Why would the NDP need to find out the concerns of ordinary British Columbians when Ryan Stewart, Nikki Hill and the COPE/Moncton Funky Bunch already have all the answers?

Looks like a pretty organized event (a week's notice) from the brain trust at NDP headquarters.

It's much more than a week's notice. Our executives here in Richmond were informed of this event about 1 month ago and I have no doubt others were as well.

It's the job of the constituency associations to pass the news onto the members.

Thanks , for the heads up,the stories i could tell of door to door canvassing.... ummm.
Might as well use a ouija board it is less wear on the shoes!
My friends who have made out like bandits,with real estae appreciation all will vote to a person for Liberals,even the one with a leaky condo[since repaired].
When the worm ,oops economy, turns south, will the swing voters do what they do best?SWING

As forgivable as most British Columbians are, NDP will still have to get used to the sound of doors shutting before they finish introducing themselves.

I'm loading my shotgun full of salt and the dog's won't eat for a week,bring em on,I,m ready.

The riding association have known about this for quite sometime.. and some riding's are choosing to mainstreet instead of going door to door. I don't think informing people "months" ahead of time about this is all that necessary.

The effectiveness of in-person voter contact is debatable. Recently the Public Eye Online featured a Conservative post-mortem from the federal Saanich-Gulf Islands riding which went over some of this territory. I think that given a choice between accepting the word of a party canvasser and taking the word of the media, most voters will take the latter.

Still, going door-to-door does tend to put a human face and a populist touch on things, despite the fake outrage and hillbilly threats of phoney correspondents like Frank and danger. In fact, it's a little odd that the BC Liberals would figure that danger's inbred peckerwood chatter makes a nice match-up with Premier Gordon Campbell's administration of creme-de-la-creme, purebred Yuppies.

Ryan Stewart and Neil Monckton are 'funky'?

What's next from this bunch? Nathan Allen as Miss Vancouver with Glen Ewald as Miss Congeniality?

I would (and did to my executive) echo treetops thoughts on this. It's a little too early to be engaging in this type of stuff I think. The focus should be on the mainstreeting aspect, as well as the party getting its message out. I personally don't like the fact that currently there doesn't seem to be anything countering the massive ad blitz that the Liberals are about to foist upon all BC'ers telling them that after racking up back to back the largest deficits in BC history, and then paying only a portion of those deficits back, that alls going great guns in BC. Ask Bob Smith and the Fraser Health Authority how great things are today. For him, being the fall guy in this latest tragedy in Surrey, is paying handsomely. And no doubt even with the golden kissoff from Gordo, he'll land on his feet somewhere, no doubt with a friend of Gordo.

kegler, really. You don't think the hapless Bob Smith was fired because of a death in one hospital in the Fraser Region, do you? He was fired because of the bad publicity over the PNE day for all staff. And because the Liberals want to appear as tough administrators in the runup to the election.

Re: the firing - one less that Carole James will have to terminate on May 18, 2005

I take back what I said earlier. I'm calling the members here in Richmond East to alert them as to the specifics of where our blitzes will take place throughout the day. Not a single person had heard there was going to be a Provincewide N.D.P blitz.

It made the calling a little more frustrating. Still, I had a good laugh with some of the members regarding the competance of party headquarters.

Party headquarters has got to be the most useless 'organization' I've evern seen. I've seen more organized creatures running around barnyards with their heads cut off.

Carole will have a lot of people to fire on May 18th. If the NDP wins, she can fire all the fat cat health authority CEOs too. But win or lose, Carole has got to fire all of the incompetents at provincial office, and that means telling everyone there to clean out their desks ASAP. Enough is enough.

Nice one "Not Funky"... Glen Ewald as Miss Congeniality... heh heh heh...

Budd... No I don't think that that was the sole reason. In today's Province, there's a timeline that pretty much paints a picture of incompetence and bad management. Funny how they closed St. Mary's Hospital to save $$$ and yet the region has a 28 to 30 million dollar surplus its been sitting on.

Health authorities with that big a surplus, while emergency wards throughout the region are suffering badly? That's shameful and disgusting. Mind you so was Mr. Smith's performance at new west City Council the night Colin Hansen pulled the plug on St. Mary's. As for firing all the health authorities etc... how much would that cost? Smith alone is costing around $330,000. And no doubt Gordo has signed his favourite people to very lucrative contracts with generous buyouts, in the event that he gets turfed and people want changes. Its no different than what other administrations have done in the past.

People should start thinking pragmatically and reasonably when talking about actions to be taken on May 18th. I agree that changes should be made, but at what cost?

Glen Ewald as Miss Congeniality? Too funny. Of course, if there were a Miss Congeniality contest involving everyone from provincial office (middle aged men included) nobody would win. Still, d'ya think they make pink pumps in mens' sizes.

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