The grateful and the dead

Former provincial New Democrat MLA Bill Goodacre failed to win his Bulkley Valley-Stikine nomination bid yesterday, after being knocked off on the first ballot. Instead, the nod went to Hazelton village councillor Doug Donaldson, who beat out retired school teacher Wes Giesbrecht on the third ballot, 69 votes to 65. Barber Klaus Mueller was also competing for the nomination.

Meanwhile, in the riding of North Coast, New Democrats chose former Prince Rupert Teachers' Association president Gary Coons as their election candidate. Mr. Coons trumped North West Metis Association president Gloria Rendell and Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 105 president Russell Wiens on the first ballot.

Candidates acclaimed this weekend include Port Moody city councillor Karen Rockwell (Port Moody-Westwood), Chinese media commentator Gabriel Yiu (Burnaby-Willingdon) and Bel-Air Taxi Group general manager Ted Allen (Surrey-Cloverdale).


Let's not forget Jarrah Hodge, who was today acclaimed in Vancouver-Quilchena.

For a former provincial MLA to be knocked out in the first round, it goes to show that even NDP supporters dont want to be reminded of the past.

Great to know that STAR CANDIDATES are coming out of the woodwork everywhere, flocking to Carole James and her great vision for this province.

Oh, wait,...never mind.

Speaking of star candidates the sitting liberal MLA Ex RCMP Dennis Mckay comes to mind. Here is a guy who has done nothing other than take taxpayers money in wages and expenses for the sake of towing the party line. One doesn't need to be aligned with the stars to exceed his accomplishments.Doug Donaldson is smart, articulate and actually has a track record for getting things done.

Another weekend and another nail in the coffin of the NDP.Where are all the women?This party will be nursing the wounds of another 79 seats lost.Only an idiot or a criminal would vote for this party of thieves and liars.Campbell should declare the NDP a terrorist organization and turn all of its mebership lists over to the FBI,that would make them think twice before trying to lie there way back to power.Warning to the dips,we will never forget the depravity and abuses of the 90's.

Danger = troll.

Gordon Campbell can't be trusted

Another weekend ... another 80% men result for the NDP...

but as Christy Clark has pointed out - with yet another union boss joining the team (Gary Coons), the NDP certainly has a diverse array of unions represented.

How about doing a page of who has been nominated in which ridings for the NDP, Liberals, Greens and DRBC?

I would love to see how the bigger picture looks provincewide and a resource like that here would be helpful

I am sorry to see that Bill Goodacre won't be back. Bill is a UVic economics grad, and I think he added something to the Leg. that you don't always get in BC politics, ... a reasoned opinion.

Bernard: Think you might find what you're looking for at,_2005.

1.Story on Gary Coons win in North Coast:

2.Men were actually 67% noyt 80%, Jarrah Hodge was acclaimed in Vancouver-Quilchena.

3.Budd, Doug Donaldson has a good resume as well. He doesn't have an economics degree, but he has a biology degree and he owns a small tourism business and was a former director of the Bulkley Valley Credit Union.

I suspect that the only reason anyone but the more fringeward feminists care about the gender of the NDP candidates is because the NDP generally makes such a production out of how they're running more female candidates than the other parties. Most recent federal election, especially.

Well Adam T, maybe it's true that Donaldson has just as good a background as Goodacre, but I was only aware of Goodacre's and that's really all I was speaking to. Is there some reason why NDP members in that area wanted a new face, or felt that they didn't want to go with Bill Goodacre again?

The NDP has developped policies to nominate women as candidates because historically women have been completely under-represented in Canadian politics. The gender imbalance of NDP candidates in 2005 suggests that a more aggressive policy should be developed.

While countries like Sweden have approached gender parity in their parliaments (despite some recent reversals), Canadian politics consistently consigns women to 10-15% of the total number of seats, both federally and provincially. You don't have to be a radical feminist to acknowledge that this a problem.

This has nothing to do with the 'quality' of candidates. Rather, men have had greater access to money, professional credentials, status, and freedom from the obligations of childcare, pregnacy, etc. Proactive measures, even quotas, are therefore necessary to ensure that the composition of our legislative assemblies roughly resembles the demographic composition of our country.

liberals are uslesss

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