Asian Star winks out of existence

The provincial New Democrat nomination race in Burnaby-Willingdon has become a coronation. According to our spies, Asian Star proprietor Umendra Singh sent a letter to party secretary Gerry Scott yesterday, requesting his name be withdrawn from the race. That clears the way for Chinese media commentator Gabriel Yiu to be acclaimed this weekend. Mr. Yiu will be running against Liberal backbencher John Nuraney in the upcoming election.


Sure sets the stage for Gabriel Yiu to take out this loser John Nuraney and his old Socred-Tory team. Nuraney has done absolutely nothing for the riding.

I got a feeling that thats a templated "insert the blanks" line that you give about all Liberal incumbents. I think the fact that Nuraney is one of the hardest workers on the backbench, and one of caucus' most outspoken Federal Liberals gives that away.

I agree with Guy, based on the comments on this website it is incredible that the government has accomplished anything with all these do nothing MLA's. You anti-Anything-Remotely-Liberal commentators are funny.

Also, please do turn this into a rant about all the things you like or don't like about what the government's done - we've all seen it - we don't need another garbage thread like that.


Don't even bother. Most of the regular NDP posters on this site have convinced themselves that despite the fact they running neck-and-neck in the polls with the BC Liberals the NDP are going to sweep all 79 seats.

You can't even begin to have a semi-interesting conversation with them about what the BC Liberal and NDP prospects actually are on a riding to riding basis.

Greater Vancouver will be seats heald mostly by the Liberals. (I think the NDP have shots in East Van, New West and maybe the Tri Cities).

Vancouver Island will be mostly NDP.

The real wildcard in this election are the "heartlands" and the north.

How deftly handled, Mr. Scott. Quite the contrast to the crucifixion that the Federal Liberals got for the appointment of Bill Cunningham.

No difference in result (i.e. the "royal pick" gets the nomination), but excellent in the implementation.

"Greater Vancouver will be seats heald mostly by the Liberals. (I think the NDP have shots in East Van, New West and maybe the Tri Cities).
Vancouver Island will be mostly NDP.
The real wildcard in this election are the "heartlands" and the north.'

I'd agree with that assesment. This coming from, (ahem, Mr English), an NDP supporter. I'd like to see an NDP win, but I could live with a strong NDP opposition.

I'd agree with that asessment as well. I live in Kelowna and there is a real sense of polarization. It seems pretty split to me but I could be wrong. GVRD will get mostly Liberal seats as they are the only ones feeling the economy going "great guns".

I think Vancouver Island will likely go Liberal, we're seeing a great economy here, construction etc etc. We are feeling the economy going great guns, it's not just Vancouver.

The island has a lot of loud, freaky greenies and has-been unions like the IWA who like to give the impression everyone here is a socialist, but thankfully that's not completey true.

God help us if the NDP win the island.

I'm a basic middle class Islander. My wife and I earn between $80 and $100 K each year. One of us is unionized, one is not. We have two kids going to private Christian school. I don't thik we can be called part of the "loud, freaky greenies and has-been unions like the IWA". But we will once again, as usual, vote NDP. Not because they can do no wrong, not because we are looking for handouts, not because we think everything should be handed to us on a silver platter without ever having to work for it. Rather we will vote NDP this election for the same reason we have done so in every recent election regardless of jurisdiction - social justice. We are offended by the principle that if you aren't doing well in this society, you deserve to be poor and subject to treatment worse than prisoners receive. Thre are probably quite a few people like us on this island and elsewhere in BC. Don't assume that the portrayals of NDP voters regularly seen on this board is accurate.

I am retired and I certainly will be voting NDP because I feel the Liberals have sold us down the river. My grandchildren are working 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet. The economy may be booming but not everyone is prosperous.

"Don't assume that the portrayals of NDP voters regularly seen on this board is accurate."

To be fair, most of the portrayals of NDP voters on this board are self-portrayals. They do a pretty good job of making themselves look freaky at times.

And Joe, while I disagree with your choice, I respect the principles that motivate it. It's a nice change from the "Liberals are evil" juvenalities that are often spewed on this board.

Well lets take a kick at the can....
Liberal Seats
Vancouver Quilchena,Langara,Point Grey,Fairview

NDP seats
Vancouver Hastings,Mt Pleasant,Burrard,Kingsway

Swing Seats
Vancouver Fraserview,Kensington


Liberal seats
Burnaby Willingdon

NDP seats
Burnaby Edmonds, Burnaby North

Swing seats


Liberal seats
Port Moody-Westwood

NDP seats
Port Coquitlam Burke-mtn, New Westminster

Swing Seats
Coquitlam Maillardville

Swing Seats
Maple Ridge- Pitt meadows, Maple Ridge-Mission


Liberal seats
Surrey White Rock,Cloverdale,Tynehead

NDP seats
Surrey Whalley,Green Timbers, Panorama Ridge, Newton

Van Island North: A has been spineless puppet named Rod Visser will be challenged for his seat. I see an NDP upset there.
Comox Valley: A lot of people are fed up with the recycled windbag called Stan Hagen - his seat is also at risk.
Nanaimo is an NDP seat federally. Expect a NDP Victory there.
The seats in greater Victoria should be interesting. Last election was down to a couple hundred votes in a few ridings - Campbell pulled a Bush and got them. I can assure you that the NDP will win a few seats in South Island.

In any case - the fact that the Liberals are even at a remote risk of losing the election is a dismal failure. If the Liberals acutally lose this election - it would be the biggest political failure in the history of Canadian politics. In BC it could happen. I doubt it, but I'll have a chilled bottle of bubbly just in case.

Looks like the favoured candidate by provincial office has won for once. Of course, it's a coronation. It's hared to believe how baldly partisan SOME individuals in Provincial Office are about their support of certain candidates. And usually, they're on the wrong side.

When you consider how many candidates were nominated that Provincial Office has worked against, and you consider how many of them are going to be elected to the Leg, you've got to wonder how many of these useless idiots at Prov. Office will have jobs after May 17th.

I agree with the assessment that the Liberals will be stronger in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley than anywhere else. The Island is likely to be the strongest NDP region, consistent with past history. But I expect that NDP strength will be greater than in the past in both the North and the Southern Interior, compared to the party's overall standing. Pundit's handicapping of the Metro Vancouver seats is about what I would expect as well, though he may have figured the NDP a bit high, if anything.

It would be possible for Carole James to form a majority government with 45 seats in this fashion:

Island 12; North 8; Southern Interior 10: Lower Mainland 15

My thoughts on solid NDP seats in the Lower Mainland are:
New Westminster
Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain
Burnaby North
Surrey Newton, Green Timbers, Whalley

With Coquitlam-Mallairdville, Burquitlam, Burnaby-Willingdon, Van-Fraserview, Van-Fairview, Van-Kensington, Surrey-Panorama Ridge, Maple Ridge-Mission, Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge as possibles.

The Libs know that Vancouver Island are going to go NDP. They consider this whole region a throwaway. They just don't need it to win an election, thus no big infrastructure being invested on the island. Politics never stops.

Joe, Flower, here's another middle-aged, middle-class family voter, (with a hefty mortgage, self-employed, no union links) in Vancouver Fairview who will be rooting for the NDP this time. I've even agreed to a lawn sign, which I've never done for any party before.

I'm all for a strong economy and fiscal prudence but I'm ashamed of what's been done in this province to our schools, welfare, the disabled, seniors, child & family services etc. In the long run, pulling the rug & putting people on the street is not fiscally prudent.

It's also offensive that we would do this while claiming to be living in a New Era or Golden Decade where everything's going "great guns".

Colin Hansen speaking on budget day on behalf of the poor and downtrodden, saying the impact on them wasn't really as bad as people imagine, was especially presumptuous. How on earth would he know?

Well congratulations Surfer, apparently you are the only one one who gets the concept of "a thread'.

The "Guy" makes a comment that Nuraney is the hardest working "pineriding" backbencher , and an outspoken Federal Liberal. When and where is Nuraney outspoken, when he is talking to himself about how badly Campbell is treating him? or Closure of Burnaby court houses, Nuraney says nothing; Closure of St. Mary hospital, Nuraney Says nothing; increase in gambling, raising of tuitions,increase in every user fee there is, sale of BC Rail, Nuraney says nothing; his leader gets bailed from Hawaiian jail after being caught drunk, Nuraney says nothing. Yup Nuraney is outspoken alright.

Hey Disenchanted... if you want to blame someone for changing the thread from "Asian Star Winks Out of Existance" to "Step Right up folks.. place your bets on the election results," Blame John English, and his comments about "You can't even begin to have a semi-interesting conversation with them about what the BC Liberal and NDP prospects actually are on a riding to riding basis." He threw down the gauntlet and everyone responded to it.

I'm not too much into punditry when it comes to election results. No it won't be 79 nothing either side, but I would agree with the statement made previously that the mere fact that this is shaping up to be a close election between the NDP and the Liberals is a scathing indictment of the way that the Campbell-ites have governed. Not to mention that 2 of the highest profile power people in the BC Liberal party are no longer running.

One fled to become CEO of some regional airline, right before budget time, and right in the middle of election preparedeness. And the other one left to look after her family, which is not something I'm attacking. Its just that you would think that if the party was going great guns, that those 2 people would have stayed around and enjoyed running for re election on the basis of their government's performance.

Ohh yeah, what was the thread about again?? Oh well.

Rick Barnes, your question about Nuraney Who?

John Nuraney is the name, he is the clown who is the sitting Liberal MLA in Burnaby-Willingdon.

Follow this thread ....

'72 NDP beat (SC&PC&LIB)

'91 NDP beat (LIB&SC)

'96 NDP beat (LIB&SC)

'05 NDP face LIB

Anything missing today?

NDP doesn't beat a unified right and never has. Carole James wins 45 seats going head to head with the Libs where the only split is on the left with the Greens? As the Ramones say - try carbona, not glue

It'll be okay when we have STV, though ...

when we have three parties with seats on either side of the spectrum - and the socially-progressive right centrist party trying to form government can be dictated to by the 3-seat anti-choice, prayer-in-school party and the fiscally prudent environmental left of centre party trying to form government can be dictated to by the 2-seat nationalize the banks and stop all logging party.

If taking 160 random members of the public and having them lead by profs and has-been politicians was ever a good idea for designing our electoral system - wouldn't we have thought of it before?

Sorry, that was a lot to get off my chest

The shame in the Jerry Scott appointment of Yui is the shaft that Tom Sigurdson got in the process... He was future cabinet material for the NDP when the NDP crush the Kevin Falcon led Neo-cons in 2009. But there is always a home for well respected hardworking moderates in the Fed Lib party in BC apparently!

I don't understand Mr Somebody's remark "But there is always a home for well respected hardworking moderates in the Fed Lib party in BC apparently!"

Are you saying Sigurdson will move to the Federal Liberals?

first off ,kegler, that john english guy is pretty quick ,eh. all the lefty,s bought in to that one ,,hook,line and sinker.
so gary collins has doubled his take home, whithout the hectic lifestyle of victoria, with power. gongrats,,and we all no christy clark is nothing but a shitdisturber waiting in the wings.

so i,m asuming your replacement,s for the two might consist of ,hari lali, and corky, those has been retreads from the glen clark era,,,

way to go b.c.,, that,s moving ahead.

i,m cancelling one ndp vote in may.


NDP supporters not being realistic hmm I smell a little BS there. FWIW here's my predictions.

The balance of the Interior seats will go to the NDP. The Liberals will hold all the Okanagan seats, and the Peace ones. Prince George, E. Kootenay and Bulkley Valley Stikine will be Liberal leaning swing seats. Kamloops will be an NDP leaning swing seat.

The Island will be swept by the NDP, except in Saanich-North-The Islands (best Green showing in the province likely), and Nanimo-Parksville (a likely Liberal hold). Comox Valley and Oakbay Gordon Head are swing seats though.

The Liberals will win the most seats in the Greater Vancouver area. In Vancouver itself Langara and Quilchena are guaranteed Liberal wins. Hastings, Burrard, Mount Pleasant and Kingsway are guaranteed NDP wins. Campbell will probably win re-election in Point Grey, but it's not un-reasonable to see an upset there, the NDP have won the seat before and he only won by 7% in 96'. Fairview, Fraserview and Kensington will be swing seats.

The North Shore, Richmond, Delta (North Delta has an outside shot at going NDP), S.Surrey and Langley will go Liberal. Port-Moody Westwood will be interesting the NDP will have a strong candidate in Karen Rockwell, but that riding is Liberal leaning. Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain will go NDP but the other Coquitlam seats will be swing ones -- as well as the Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Mission seats. New West will go NDP.

As for Burnaby all of the seats are NDP leaning. Burnaby North is definitely going NDP -- but Burnaby Edmonds should be a swing seat with the advantage to the NDP. Burnaby Willingdon, the topic of this story, will likely go NDP as well -- but it's not a slam dunk although Gabriel Yiu is a good candidate far better than Tony Kuo or John Nuraney.

So there's around 28 strongly Liberal ridings, 23 strongly NDP ridings with around 28 ridings up for grabs.

i,m sticken to my great guns theory, lucky #29 for the seats, which is the normal,, 30 % , of the vote. god bless them,,,,,

not sure if people are still commenting on this thread, but i'd like to add my two cents.

first, i essentially agree with the assessments made on ndp/liberal strengths in the island, kooteneys and interior. two quibbles - i think that the ndp has a better chance in fairview and kensington than you all seem to. chudnovsky will probably run a really hard campaign (lots of volunteers); and gregor robertson's a red hot, but he's also practically a movie star, and he could also win with a good campaign (i don't think virginia greene will be as impressive to voters as she is to us). also, i think that mayencourt could hold burrard - not to say he will (i'm guessing not), but that it's more ndp-leaning swing than it is ndp safe. also, i think burnaby-willingdon is more swing than safe liberal, look at the demographics and the results from the last real election (in 1996) and you get a sense that yiu could be a really good fit. finally, kamloops: there are two constituencies up there, kamloops and kamloops north thompson. i would bet that knt will go to the ndp, but that only a great ndp campaign will put kamloops in the ndp column - noone likes claude richmond, but there doesn't seem to be a lot motivation to oust him.

umendra is backing out is for different reasons fafter barginning with the party and as said he is not the owner of any newspaper

nic, nic nic. For the record, no I don't like Harry Lali. I was one of the people in the party who advocated for having a "thanks but no thanks" attitude to the vast majority of former MLAs, and believe it or not Harry Lali was near the top of that list. That being said, yes Harry is a bit of a retread, but then again so are Claude Richmond and Stan Hagen. The good people who are members of the party in Yale Lilloet saw fit to nominate Mr. Lali for reasons known only to them.

As for your other comment concerning Gary Collins and Christy Clark, what about all the other ones who have announced that they are not seeking re election, such as Karn Manhas? Do they have some sort of golden parachute like Mr. Collins had? And speaking of Mr. Collins and his new job, good timing I guess. Just as his former aide was going on trial for breach of the public trust and other niceities, a sudden job opportunity at Harmony Airways suddenly comes open. I still stand by what I said before. A person with Collins political background and time served, who thought he had done such a great job as finance minister, has all the reason in the world to enjoy the glow of the sunshine as it were. Yet in the midst of what should have been his greatest achievement (or so the Liberals would have everyone believe) he pulls the ripcord and gets off the SS Gordon Campbell??

Doesn't exactly jive with the guy's modus operendi? And no matter which way the election turns out, there are 2 basic observations that can be made from the previous 3 years. One, It's a scathing indictment of the Campbell Liberals that a party that was decimated less than 4 years ago, is in a position to have the mere talk of possibly forming government, interest in their nomination races and what NDP'ers have to say at any time. From being marginalized and on the verge of being non existant to where the party is now, isn't just a factor of momentum with a new leader and new blood, but also the way that Campbell has governed.

And the second one, contrary to Mr. Gregson's bleatings on this site about the Greens supplanting the NDP, Adrienne Carr managed to fumble away an opportunity 3 years ago, and on election day will pay dearly for it. You could even say that Adrienne Carr could be called Ms Dithers, because while the NDP was out organizing and growing, and gaining strength, she dithered around yakking about proportional representation and the environment, and little if anything else.

It's like being in the starting gate of the breeders cup (not that I would know, as I'm not equine (contrary to what some people might think on here)).

As for my comment about John and him swinging the discussion away from the Asian Star thread to election predictions. It was said tongue firmly planted in cheek. Then again, maybe the fact everyone jumped on it was the fact that the thread that was originally there, had no legs.

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