From one war zone to another

Yesterday, we reported British Columbia Government Employees' Union staffers would be in a strike position tomorrow. But the union's president George Heyman won't be around if those staffers take to the picket lines. Since February 7, Mr. Heyman has been visiting Palestine and Israel as part of a Public Services International fact-finding mission (also known to the cynical as a junket).

According to government employees' union communications director Mary Rowles, Public Services International representatives are in the Middle East to "get some more background information for the executive council of PSI, who have been having a debate on the Israeli-Palestinian situation. And they realized they better make a link with trade union activists and politicians on both sides of the conflict."

"They wanted to get a sense of where the possible grounds for settlement were and to get a perspective from people whose working conditions we understand...So it gives you a very different perspective from reading the newspapers," said Ms. Rowles, adding the delegation has met with the Palestine General Federation of Trade Union, New Histadrut and members of the Keneset, among others.

Of course, some have pointed out that now might not have been the best time for Mr. Heyman to leave British Columbia, given that his union has been trying to negotiate a contract with its staffers. But, according to Ms. Rowles, "He's not at the bargaining table. And the trip had been scheduled for sometime. And nobody would be able to replace him. And our expectation was we would reach a settlement. And we hoped we'd reach a settlement through mediation. So his expectation would be that the bargaining committee would be doing its job. And we'd have a settlement."

Mr. Heyman returns from his trip on Monday.


Jeez. Labour is going on a 'fact finding' mission to Israel?

But it already condemned the so-called "Wall" at the last BC Federation of Labour convention?

You mean they didn't have the facts before? Good idea. First condemn, then get the facts.

wow. i wish my union dues were going towards this.

what an insult. This is the so called "leader" who has his followers out picketing and keeping kids from classes and he is off on the gravy train "fact finding". Who pays for his "fact finding" vacation ? Are these tax dollar generated BCGEU Union dues ? Is this why my kid is missing his classes so BCGEU members can extort more money to keep paying Union dues for Heymans's fact finding scams ?

Just shows you what length the NDP and NDP operatives will go in search of their so-far-elusive "Star Candidate"

I see that Sean has finally put up a post to find the anti union slamming neo cons on this site a home where they can sit around and bitch amongst themselves.

oh no///it,s a post ,from them how do we paint this picture red,,,29 will be the majic #
which create,s an opp. for a real leader ///////?

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