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Tomorrow, Democratic Reform BC will have a new addition its rag-tag fugitive fleet of election candidates, Public Eye has learned. Our spies confirm Tony Nobody (nee-Liberal, nee-New Democrat) will announce he's joining the fledgling party, which is represented in the legislature by Surrey-Walley MLA Elayne Brenzinger. The news conference is scheduled to be held at 11:00 at the legislature.


wow, i remember joking about this with some people at a recent ubc-ndp function, i'm laughing harder that it has actually come to pass.

interestingly, if mr. kuo chooses to run in burnaby-willingdon, it's seems unclear whose support he would siphon off more of. few ndpers are going for him, but some soft bc liberal asian canadians might, and those were just the people that yiu was hoping to get voting for him. at the same time, those people would have been more likely to have voted liberal anyway...

the most interesting thing here though is clearly the choice of party - my sense is that he would have done better running as an independent. 'mr. democracy' could then have complained about his bad experiences with the fed lib and bc ndp parties - i doubt he would have won, but he's surrendered that option with his latest manoeuvre here.

Give me a break.

The folks I really feel bad for now are Bill Cunningham and the fedlibs who took a truckload of abuse for rejecting this loon.

It turns out that turfing this clown was one of the smartest moves they did all campaign.

Didn't I say in a previous post that I thought he should make an appointment with Dr. BC? I stand vindicated.

Yikes! As much as this man's motives might be good, he is shaping up to be just another odd tale for reading in more exhaustive volumes of quirky BC political history.

I find it disturbing how Mr. Kuo is prepared to go to any lengths to find power. I can't see him being too much of an asset to any party right now, unless he can translate "instant voters" into real votes - an unlikely prospect at best.

And "ohmigodwhatajoke" is right on the ball. Burnaby Douglas now has a strong Federal Liberal Association with great hopes for a Liberal MP in the very near future. Who knows where the riding would be now if Mr. Kuo's instant supporters would have made him the candidate.

I predict that Elayne Brenzinger will be replacing Tom Morino as leader of the DRBC. My sources report Mr. Morino will resign within thirty days.

You heard it first right here.

Braeden there's no denying that the Liberals came within 900 votes of winning in Burnaby-Douglas, but let's not forget that the NDP's Bill Siksay started the campaign a week after the writ was dropped due to the whole Svend Robinson incident so obviously the Cons and Libs had a big head start. Also Burnaby has had a left-leaning council and mayor for years (and still does) so I doubt the Liberals will win the seat soon (not to mention the fact that it was the Canadian Alliance that came within three ponits of Robinson in 2000 not the Liberals who where far back).

But regarding Mr.Democracy well he's nothing if not persistent. Seriously Braeden is right if he is so willing to use any vehicle nessecary to try to get to power what principles does he have?

And regarding Democratic Reform BC, with Candidates like Elayne Brenzinger and Tony Kuo they will be the ones needing a Doctor soon.

When Tony Kuo got out his Kleenexes with his outrageous press conference in the leadup to last year's election, Newsworld covered the whole thing - the whole hour or two - and Terry Milewski gave Tony all kinds of billing as someone who was "screwed" by the Federal Liberals.

Why hasn't anyone taken the NDP to task for rejecting this guy? Will they at least apologize to the federal Liberal Party? We know that the CBC won't.

Yeah, Cunningham came within 900 votes of beating Siksay. And yes, Siksay got a late start. But let's not forget that the only reason the NDP consistently wins this riding is because of a healthy 3-way split in the vote. Burnaby Douglas is always seen as the lighthouse riding and much credit is given to Svend. But in reality, it's no lighthouse -- it's just a riding where the NDP consistently withstands the onslaught. But not by much.

Seems like all the losers from other political parties are flocking to the DR. Who next? The COPE lite Nerd Herd?

Take one prescription of Dr. BC, add to one borderline Liberal riding, and : the cure is vote splitting for the right-wingers. Go Tony!

What a joke! Not that the fact that this party is already a laughing stock, that one joker's going to resign to make Brenzinger leader?

Hmm, let's see...

"Richard Stewart did this to me..."


"I was mistaken - Richard Stewart didn't do that to me..."

It took me a bit, but I finally get it! D.R. BC stands for Da' Rhinos!!! I wondered what happened to the grand old Rhino Party! They have a few clowns for candidates, a mortician for a leader, all they need are a couple jugglers and some midgets and they could charge admission! And the funniest act they pulled was they APPOINTED Tony Kuo! Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think? A little too ironic. Yeah, I really do think.

I, for one, am thankful that Ms. Brenzinger didn't bring her "issues and baggage" to the NDP. That entire fiasco was whacked. And a black eye on everyone involved. When Braeden made mention of another chapter in the quirky history of BC politics, I think he should have included Ms. Brenzinger in that. I realize that DRBC is in a tough position with less than 100 days before an election and trying to find and field candidates. But Elaine Brenzinger???? And a rumour that she'll take over as leader after May 17th??? That's almost as laughable as Ian Gregson's comments in another thread about how the Greens will supplant the NDP in 5 years time. Mr. Gregson of the foibles and follies during the 2001 provincial election against Joy MacPhail.

But as I said in another thread pertaining to Peter Paul and Mary Vinning... "Never say never in BC Politics."

Why the heck would the NDP apologize to the Liberals for rejecting this guy? If that's not the most rhetorical thing I've heard I don't know what is. It's ridiculous. I suppose when the Conservatives criticized the Liberals over that, they should apologize too? Besides unlike the federal election, he was making an attempt for the BC Liberal AND BC NDP nomination.

As for three-way splits, that's a recent phenomenon. Svend Robinson consistently won the seat by large margins pre-1993. The ever popular NDP gov't of the 90's was not helpful for him.

Hey Kegler, that Tom-Tom Morino will resign on or before April Fool's Day is not rumour but FACT!

Did anyone observe how uncomfortable Morino appeared to be during the Tony (cry me a river)Kuo press release? Look to me like he wish he was somewhere back in the Lib fold?

Joe. Changing leaders less than a year before a provincial election??? How credible can this DRBC be? Why would Mr. Morino resign, and turn the entire thing over to Brenzinger? I thought that this was the true centrist alternative? Under her leadership, I predict that the entire thing will go up in flames on May 17th.

Politics in BC is very interesting actually. The media play it up like there's a huge LEFT RIGHT polarization in this province. In reality, the 2 main parties today (Liberals and NDP) are big tent parties. As a matter of fact both parties have small business people, teachers, lawyers, union people, in other words average citizens in their parties.

Kegler! I agree many elected officials are decent folks who toil for their constituents. They're known as backbenchers.

As for my predicted change in leadereship at DrBC?
I trust the media will respect our right to know and comb their files on Tom Morino's political mileage and baggage.

Keep in mind Tom has been trying to get elected since he first ran for the Libs in the '86 election

Is it just me or does any one else see the hypocrisy of Kuo. Wasn't he upset in the first place because he wasn't given a fair democratic chance in the Burnaby Douglas federal Liberal nomination race. Now he's announced as the...ahem.... "star" candidate for DR BC. Was there a fair nomination meeting? I think this just shows how desperate DR BC is for media, just how little credibilty they have.

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