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The provincial New Democrat nomination race in Burnaby-Willingdon has been narrowed to just two candidates. This, after David Myles, who ran in the riding during the last election and lost, informed constituency members he would be shuttering his campaign to endorse Chinese media commentator Gabriel Yiu. Mr. Myles had been under pressure for party headquarters to step out of the race. Failed Vancouver-Kensington nomination candidate Umendra Singh is Mr. Yiu's sole remaining opponent. The following is a complete copy of Mr. Myles' withdrawal statement, which was sent out on Friday.

Statement from Dave Myles

February 11, 2005

After careful consideration and discussion with fellow New Democrats and other members of my community, I wish to withdraw my name from the contest for nomination as the NDP MLA candidate for Burnaby-Willingdon.

Over the last few years I have worked very hard to make sure that the people in this community have the opportunity to elect a representative who will stand up for their concerns and stand up to Gordon Campbell on May 17th. My decision to step down is based on my belief that Gabriel Yiu is the candidate who can best represent the needs and diversity of this growing community and defeat the sitting Liberal MLA.

I am very excited by Mr. Yiu's experience in the community and his solid belief in the values of the NDP. He has worked hard to reach out to new supporters throughout the province, and I know that he will continue to work hard as he holds Gordon Campbell and the Liberals to account for years of broken promises, increased taxes and fees, and cuts to key public services.

I look forward to continuing my work on behalf of the people in my community by working to elect my colleague Gabriel Yiu.

Yours Sincerely:

Dave Myles (Burnaby-Willingdon NDP MLA candidate)


this Umendra singh guy is quite a controversial candidate, he is not very respected in the south asian or fijian community, he carries lots of baggage...he also failed in his bid in Van kensington, now he is jumping ship to Burnaby (what a disgrace),

His main backer is Paul Gill (not peter gill's brother), the other paul gill of the infamous Kimber Cabs scandal with Moe Sihota, he was also on the fast ferry fiasco board of directors. He used to be Glen Clarks right hand man, plus paul gill is the main indo backer of the now infamous Tony Kuo..

Hey, Hey...Is the Paul Gill backing Umendra Singh the same Paul Gill who is backing Sandy McCormick in her bid for the BC Liberal nod in Van Langara?

His name is Kush Pal Gill. He operates something called the West Coast Taxi Owners association. He has been hired by many candidates across the lower mainland to secure nominations for them.

Yes, this is the same Kushpaul Gill that is also backing Liberal Sandy McCormick in Van Langara. Was Backing NDP'ers Tony Kuo and Umindera Singh in BBY-Willingdon, was Backing failed Federal Liberal nomination of former longtime NDP'er Lee Rankin in Burnaby-New West riding, but then was working for new NDP MP Peter Julian in the last federal elections in the same riding. Was backing Sheila Copps in her Federal Liberal leadership. This guy has no morals, does not care what party it is. He is everywhere. HE IS DEMOCRACY FOR HIRE.

so this is the famous Khuspaul (paul) Gill, this guy is the so called dark prince of nominations, Indo style, unfortunantely ever candidate he goes near a joke

Speaking of rats jumping on or off the ship, it seems that the Vancouver COPE/Monctons are jumping on board Gabriel Yu as their only shot of a winning candidate. Pathetic.

I also note that Gabriel Yu isn't a woman. Is that abusive, Maya?

not again,

Only shot, eh? Who was on Tim Stevenson's winning team in Vancouver-Burrard?

And also, would you be happy if an NDP nomination candidate supported by federal Liberals win Burnaby-Willingdon?

It wasn't the Moncton keystone kops that delivered Tim Stevenson.

Would I be happy if a Fed Lib won BBy-Willingdon. Sure. At least Fed Libs are inclusive people (not snotty and mean) AND, at least, unlike the COPE lite babies, they can organize to win the odd election.

Death to Trolls,

The new spin from the COPE lite crowd is hilarious. You claim to be behind Tim Stevenson's nomination win. That's not what I heard, but I'll at least give you that.

What about the other LOSSES that your crowd of whiners was behind. Like the HUMILIATING losses in Vancouver Kensington and Vancouver Hastings. These candidates had all the resources, and all the advantages with help from the NDP provincial office cabal and still were shellacked. Not to mention the Federal election disasters in Vancouver Kingsway and Vancouver Centre. And the wards referendum screw up... should I go on...?

Now, as even Death to Trolls will attest to, the Provincial Office/COPE young funky crowd is swarming behind another candidate who will likely win, in the hopes of taking credit and redeeming their sorry asses for a change.


Tell Me, where did all the candidates in Burnaby-Willingdon go?
And further, why did they go? Is it possible that the NDP is selecting and parachuting candidtes in? It is the timing of events in recent days that has me asking these (and other) questions. Tony Kuo, the political wannabe, was mercifully (in my humble opinion) rejected as a nominee, and then things started to get, well, ... complicated.
I am a member of the NDP, and as such I feel have an obligation to ensure I belong to the party that most closely represents my views and the policies and procedures and with a constitution which supports both my politics and my sense of morality-what is right and what is wrong.
Why did the former President of riding, along with other's, withdraw as a candidate(S) at what seems like the 11th hour and then support a candidate I had never heard about, until her was referred to in Dave's withdeawal letter? Yesterday, Feb17th, I received Mr Yui's invitation's to his Open House to be hosted at O'Reilly's Pub on Feb. 20th - excuse me for noting an apparent unfamilarity of this well known establishment within Burnaby- Willingdon's Riding whose actual name is O'Ryan's Pub - to talk with me about my 'hopes and concerns for our community'. I would have hoped that among my choices for candidates would be included a number of individuals whom had had their 'fingers on the pulse' of the community long before now. We did have such candidates, but now there are none. I note from Mr. Yui's "Newsletter" that he has "... watched the politics of B.C. from the sidelines" , however has he actualy been involved with our party? So I ask, how long has he been a member of our party? Has he ever been a member of another political party? He states that from his sideline vantage point he "knows" that he is a New Democrat, but I ask, how does one 'know' if they have no direct involvement, unlike other candidates? Did he even vote NDP in the last election? If, as is noted in his newsletter, Mr. Yui " just the kind of person that our party needs..." , why has this recognition come at the 11th hour? Now forgive my cynicism, but I would think that the individual who can, ... "best represent the needs and diversity of this growing community..." [exerpted from Dave Myles' letter of withdrawal], would have been endorsed well in advance of, not on the heel's of, Dave's last moment decision. Where has Mr. Yui been? Certainly not in Burnaby-Willingdon, for he doesn't even live there. As a critical thinker, I am compelled to reflect upon the recent turn of events and wonder out loud, what is going on. Will there be any candidates to run against the self admitted new comer to politics, or will he be nominated by acclaimation? I'll guess we'll find out on Sunday. (BTW remember Ujjal?)

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