Lock your doors and keep your children inside!

Don't be surprised if you get a knock on the door on February 26. Because, according to an email sent to New Democrat campaign volunteers in Victoria-Hillside, that's when the party will be mounting a province-wide canvassing blitz to "talk to average British Columbians about why they should support the NDP in the upcoming election." The email also notes the local riding association will be using the British Columbia Government Employees' building on Douglas Street as their "organizing headquarters." Nice to know the New Democrats have somewhere they can call home. The following is a complete copy of that email.

-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Fleming [mailto:robfleming@telus.net]
Sent: February 14, 2005 5:00 PM
To: Victoria Hillside NDP; Rob Fleming Campaign E-Mail Sign-up
Subject: HILLSIDE NDP - February 26 canvass blitz

Saturday, February 26


New Democrats across BC are taking to doorsteps on Saturday, February 26 to talk to average British Columbians about why they should support the NDP in the upcoming election.

In Victoria-Hillside, you can help on that day by joining our door to door canvassing teams. We have ordered 15,000 new leaflets to distribute which feature BC NDP Leader Carole James and our local candidate Rob Fleming.

The upcoming election will be fought in neighbourhoods and on doorsteps where average people who have been hurt by the BC Liberal government will have their say!!


Sign up to help canvass for part or all of Saturday, February 26. We will be out in the community from 10:00AM to 3:00PM, followed by a social. Please reply to this e-mail or call Ed May at 881-6029 to sign up. The BCGEU building at 2994 Douglas will be our organizing headquarters on the 26th.


Get your friends and neighbours to help organize a door to door campaign in your neighbourhood. Please contact us right away to help out. ELECTION DAY is three months away

- our campaign will get started on Saturday, February 26.

Again, please reply to this e-mail or call Ed May 881-6029 to get involved.




Does the use of union buildings for campaigning count towards the overall funding numbers constantly touted by the NDP?

The answer, Giver, as you well know, is YES. Just as the market cost of buildings donated by generous landlords to the BC Liberals will have to be included in their expense statements at full commercial rates, and will count against their expenditure limits. We have come a long way in Canada from the free-wheeling days when anything went, from unexcised liquor to any number of unaccounted contributions.

The space in the BCGEU building is used by lots of local groups. I am not a member of any union but was going to attend an information meeting there last year. A group were in the hall so I went with them assuming it was to the right location. I had seen a couple of them around town, as local activists but weren’t sure what cause was theirs.

Turns out there were at least three meetings going on there at the same time. The one I wandered into sure wasn't a NDP or “friends of"meeting.

What any building owner charge for space and who gets credit is no big deal to me. If someone uses such a space for a political meeting I guess the cost is added to the political parties costs. The important thing is for citizens to be aware of issues that impact on them locally and provincially .
The thing that would be wrong would be if some owner gave out space for political parites and didn't show that he did.

Yes ,the building or any expense could be incurred by the NDP party should show on the party's balance sheet,how to cost gifts in kind,say free rent?
also it has not been unknown for gifts in kind and plain cash to after an election,unofficially be contributed to candidate[s].That 's how the liberals on the federal level seem to get reimbursed.
How about that Jean C. getting into Caspian Sea oil lobbying,a pretty penny spent on his wages,not at six bucks an hour I'd bet.Oh ,my how those dollars flow.

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