The rewards of public service

Back in June, Public Eye reported then Health Planning and Services Minister Colin Hansen's crack ministerial assistant Kim Chan was leaving the Rockpile to become a government communications consultant. Nothing too special about that. But here's the interesting part: according to the lobbyist registry, six months later the former political aide started doing government relations work for the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of British Columbia & Yukon - organizations that will benefit mightly from her extensive insider knowledge of the Province's health bureaucracy. If she was a cabinet minister she'd be in big trouble. Those who leave the executive council to take a job in the private sector are forbidden from lobbying or taking part in a government contract for two years. But, thankfully for Ms. Chan, no such rules currently exist for bureaucrats or political staffers.


when it was first eported thst Daniel Igali was going to run for the Liberals I asked Daniel Who?????? Now after he big announcement I still want to know Daniel who??????

You're an idiot, McCormick. Now climb back under the rock from which you came from.

Now,now Ross a little worked up that your star candidate is being set up for failure.Igali is clearly not cut out for this role and apart from the vacuous drivel we are used to hearing from the libs,He will be ripped to pieces when he is confronted with the litany of travesties and crimes that have be perpetrated by your wretched Liberals.The one posistive however is that it makes it perfectly clear that Gordo is completely devoid of any skill in managing a capaign for re-election and is simply egomaqniaclly driving his party off a cliff.
Have a nice day Ross

Hey just to be clear, there's more than one Ross 'round here. And, to the best of our knowledge it's not a Gannon/Guckert or even a Prem/Peter-type thing.

I'm not too familar with surrey, so I don't know if Daniel Igali will win or lose.

But either way he is a star candidate and he is the best bet for the BC Libs in that riding. Hence Tony Bullar moving to Panaroma Ridge to take on the new NDP MLA.

By the way it is pretty pathetic for alot of you Dippers to belittle Daniel Igali as a candidate.

Do you guys have better ones in the mix? What Mr. Happy Planet? A score of union exec hacks? A score of re-tread former NDP MLAs who got badly beaten in 2001?

Name 3 high profile candidates that don't fit in the above categories.

If the BC Libs were belittle Daniel Igali as an NDP candidate, I was wager that you Dippers would be crying racism or elitism.

I don;t think that is the case, I just think that it is simply petty politics on the part of Daniel Igali critics.


Daniel Igali is well meaning, but misguided, unfortunately.
It is sad to see someone with his stature be greased up in Campbells slick oiled machine, no doubt promised a role in planning the 2010 Olympics.

That someone with his roots, could be running in the party that seemingly takes pleasure at poor-bashing is astounding.
He is setting himself up to be included in that gang of liers and misfits who call themselves "Liberals".

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