Father knows best

Government House Leader and Labour Minister Graham "Friggin'" Bruce's twentysomething son will be getting some temporary employment during the upcoming election. Friggin' Public Eye has learned Ryan has been appointed the minister's friggin' campaign manager. We wish this father and son team the best of friggin' luck. Friggin' New Democrat Doug Routley, a friggin' school district trustee, is running against Minister Bruce in Cowichan-Ladysmith.



Nothing like having a articulate skilled reasoned jerk for house leader. But let's face it his training was helping to run a corner store in the boonies

Hey!! It isn't just boonie-people who use the term, you ignorant friggin' ****! (Just joking)

But how nepotistic is that?

Is he going to earn the $6 training wage?

I appreciate Mr. Bruce's efforts in ending the B.C Place strike, but on balance, I'll be glad when he loses his seat in the next election.

Sounds like a shameless attempt to appeal to young voters. Hope young people aren't fooled. If the Liberals get in again, you better hope you have a daddy who will pay you to get him into office, because your chances of affording, or being able to get into university, or the trades are limited. And you will likely enjoy all those $6 part time jobs you will need to take. Better yet, if you are a child, you can be put to work, lazy little creatures. Who says they need to concentrate on school, family, social and recreational activities. Who needs a childhood anymore? Who needs an education, or a vocation anyway? The BC Liberals don't seem to think these matter.

Kali Advocacy Project

PS I don't get the "frigging" business?
PS 2 - I have nothing whatsoever against Ryan Bruce, good for him for getting into the game.
He just picked the wrong team.

Good to see you writing in here "Kali." I don't understand the "friggin" business either. Someone want to help out?

Just a point of information - Bruce recently refered to BC as "this friggin' province". I didn't get it at first either.

(Minister) Bruce used the word during his responses when addressing Joy during question period while Bond stood there not knowing what to do. Another example of their lack of respect for the member opposite and showing us how unparlimentarian the Liberals really are.

Think (Minister) Bruce used "friggin" during his attack on Joy during question period while (Minister) Bond stood there not knowing what to do. Again just shows the Liberals lack of respect, for the public, and the member opposite, and how unparliamentarian the Liberals are.

Sorry for the 2nd post, was suppose to be cancelled.

I think Joy gives as good as she gets.

If you watch QP you can hear if not see, how annoying her heckling is.


Thanks for explaining the "friggin" thing. This makes much more sense now.

For the record, I've never heard Joy complain about question period. She's feisty (as she has to be being outnumbered as bad as they have been in the past) and no doubt gives as good as she gets. Which I guess based on previous threads on here is more than can be said for some cabinet ministers who act like deer in the headlights.

Friggin' good one Sean. I friggin' laughed.
Good point about the $6 training wage by Adam T.

Very one sided i see. I as a young person do not see your problem. with universitys ya i may have to get a studen't loan but my grade do not have to all 100% to get in. not every one is a good student. If the NDP did not run up such a big debt there would be more money for the people of bc.
Not all kids want to play sports and it is not like there are being forced to work it is a choice. Human are cappaple of learn and thous are cappable of reason and think on there own. I have done it as a kid how else could i get to be around horses. The government tax away my chances to be involed in sports.

get real BC look to the big picure.

Well mh, the NDP didn't cause a giant deficit in funding post-secondary education. People like me were able to go to school because of tuition freezes. And now I have a job in which I pay taxes out the ass into the coffers of this province, which is mismanaging and handing out buckets of $$$ to their friends.

Under the Liberals, tuitition rates have gone up as much as 300% in some faculties. You should know that, as a student, mh. Unless you have a rich mommy & daddy who are paying your way, you will be racking up monster student loans, which come due 6 months after you're done school, whether you work at the coffee bar, or a good entry-level position in your field.

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