Just don't call her Shirley

Yesterday, in the legislature, New Democrat Opposition leader Joy MacPhail questioned Shirley Bond over the Campbell administration's failure to provide 5,000 promised intermediate and long-term care beds for seniors by 2006. At times though, it appeared Ms. MacPhail was actually debating Labour Minister and House Leader Graham Bruce, so heated were their unofficial exchanges.

When the bell terminated question period, Ms. MacPhail received candy from Liberal backbencher Ted Nebbeling for her feisty performance. Then she left the chamber to answer reporters' questions. The media expected Minister Bond, who took responsibility for health services and planning in December, to do the same.

But instead, it was Minister Bruce who sallied forth from the house to defended the government's record on care beds. When asked why he was responding to those questions, rather than his seemingly scrum-skitish colleague, Minister Bruce said he was acting in his role as house leader.

But reporters weren't satisified with just talking to Minister Bruce. Camping outside the house, they waited for the health minister to exit the chamber. Minutes ticked away. But the minister seemed somewhat reluctant to come out, busily highlighting pages in her binder and signing letters. She even went so far as to avoid eye contact with the salivating press pack.

When she finally did emerge from the chamber, she said she had "house duty" - an explanation for not coming out sooner. So it was somewhat surprising Minister Bond didn't go directly back into the chambers when the scrum was over. Instead, with the media having left the scene, she scooted down a nearby corridor, up the stairs and into her third floor office. One must suppose leave was granted.


Where does this "don't call me Shirley" line come from? When did she say that?

Bond looked like a deer caught in the headlights most of the time. It was obvious that she was not able to handle being questioned about Liberal broken promises and showed she clearly is not capable. Minister "Friggin" Bruce also tried to take on Joy, he too showed he is not capable. Keep up the good work Joy!

Chock Prince George-Mount Robson up to the NDP next election. This is a pathetic performance on behalf of what is one of the KEY ministers in goverment.

She is a ridiculously weak minister to be in the Health portfolio. And we all know Campbell has a female to male imbalance (and before we bring up the NDP they haven't finished nominating yet, not to mention the fact that Carole James is a female) so he has to try to balance it out -- but this is riduclous. Wouldn't Ida Chong do a better job in this ministry? Or Linda Reid?

Somebody? Anybody?

The Deer isn't just caught in the head lights, the Deer has been superguled in the same position by the head lights, and said deer doesn't even realize it. Come on folks does Grahame Bruce have to save her like she's a damsel in distress or something? It's so insulting to women and heck British Columbians everywhere. Let her answer for herself. If she's in the legislature that's part of her job.

No we know why Gordo tries to get some women in government, so he can send them out one by one to be sacrificed.

Aside from that, I think Joy McPhail has done an outstanding job and wish she would stick around another term.

I totally agree, ch. I wish there was some way to convince her to stay...I think she would have made a much better leader than Carol James, too.

Libs will really miss Collins, who was one of the few MLAs who could go toe-to-toe with MacPhail.

But passing judgement on Bond as a "weak health minister" on just three days' performance in QP is probably not being fair. You can say she looks like a weak politician, but let's give her a chance as health minister before saying she's weak at her portfolio.

QP varies from being a theatrical art form to a no-brains shouting match. So Shirley's not good at blocking out Joy's shrilly and biting put downs, so what? Not many are.

BTS Rules maybe on the surface I am being unfair to her as HEALTH MINISTER.

This is not just done for fun though, she was a weak advanced education minister too. It's one thing to be a poor political minister -- it's quite another to be a poor administrative minister as well. Many people say she's best known for being the minister who recomended Doug Walls. Well isn't that the accomplishment?

I don't even need to touch what the affects of her leading the ministry has had on students. I think that speaks to her poor performance as a minister of the goverment. And all of this, on top of her poor performance in QP, makes me question her comptence as a minister.

joy mcfail is finished, how dare her to take the spotlight away from carole , what af... bi....


Still am amazed that a gender status ,since everyone has one,plays in the province; unacceptable candidates get vetted out and acceptables get in ,usually . Some wildcats do get in but that seems to be the nature of the beast.
I for one am not convinced that the relentless bed count is anything more than a ploy to press the liberals ,maybe by their own,to ineffect declare that private clinics for cash must be instituted ,being an injustice to the people if not.
Best an amendment to let docs opt out of the MSP billing,but I think some Docs want it both ways,those who can pay cash should be allowed and those that can't should have MSP billing.
Can't have both ways or can they?
The Campbellites are very astute and the Docs want to remain in their silent position of high esteem with the public,sooo the future may be rivetting!

With respect to Ms. Bond,

Notwithstanding this instance of hide and seek, I think that Bond is a good minister, and is in fact one of the most powerful ministers in Cabinet, with her as Deputy Premier, and Health Minister.

She is a great minister and she is in an insanely hard race with her against the NDP and crazy Paul Nettleton in her riding. Since Paul is running against her not to win but to basically try to make her lose.

I wish her luck.

And I thought she was a good Adv. Ed minister too. Just becasue she did not cave into the CFS wack jobs that want free tution or a freeze on tution to 2001 levels, does not mean she did not do a good job.

Advanced education should not be free or even cheap. It is an investment in someone's future and there are ample loan programs for people who can't afford it.

I really have zero sympathy for someone who wastes their time in a dead end arts degree (BA in English? History? Womym's Studies? Poli Sci?, etc.?), and racks up huge student loans and then whines that they work at starbucks.

Now these degrees are not necessarily dead ends if one properly plans, (ie Masters or Teaching or Government work). But no one is going to give such people great paying jobs just becasue they managed the rather easy task of getting a BA in History with a B average or less.

So why should the government should have to pay for all of people's education?

With students paying more for their education they should plan for the future and spend their education dollars wisely.

I am happy that the days of the 9 yr general BA student, are almost behind us since its basically too expensive for most people to dick around in university anymore, and try to "find themselves" or "expand their minds".


kumbia,may gay people live in peace.i like moderates, there responsible, and they roll the dye,, snake eyes , again.
ooookaaay,, it,s awalk right now, next,,

As the story shows Newman, she's a weak minister. You can spin it like she's a dradle, the fact is she's a weak minister. And anyone who thinks she's up there in power with the Deputy Premier and the Finance Minister is off their rocker.

The most powerful members of the Goverment now are the Premier, the Deputy Premier, and the social conservatives (Falcon, Thorpe etc).

so that means confidence, is no longer an issue.
ride on ,nic.

"Don't call me Shirley" is from the movie Airplane.

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