Polak's campaign on life-support?

On Tuesday, a comment on Jordan Bateman's Langley Politics Online noted Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia president John Hof has "sold a couple of hundred" provincial Liberal memberships for Mary Polak to support her bid to become the party's election candidate in Langley. But, in an interview with Public Eye today, Mr. Hof denied campaigning for Ms. Polak, although he acknowledged having taken out a party membership. "I did join the Liberal party. I was encouraged to support...uh...to join the Liberal party" just before the end of last year, the pro-life activist said. "I couldn't join them in the past because my MLA at the time was Lynn Stephens and she disagreed with me on (the abortion issue)."

Mr. Hof added a number of candidates in the Langley nomination race reflect his position on social issues, including Ms. Polak and Langley councillors Steve Ferguson and Penny Kirkpatrick "So there's a great choice of pro-lifers this time." Also in the running are Bill Brooks, Zosia Ettenberg and Sandra Hulbert.


Polak should give it up. She's a proven failure everywhere she goes. She left her home riding after an abysmal failure against Jag Brar and now she is trying to get elected in a Langley riding in which she probably has a lot of neo-conservative nazi support.

I hope to see her fail again. Time to get a real job Mary.

One loss for a governing party in a by election barely counts as "proven failure everywhere she goes." Even you seem to acknowledge that she'd be very popular in Langley.

She has a day job. Chair of BC's second largest School Board.

Carole James, on the other hand, has the same losing record (except in a riding she really should have won), and is presently unemployed.

Polak is a horrible candidate for the liberals to court, she is a utter failure at everything she does...please gordo, stop this radical fanatic!!

I hope the BC Liberals in this riding have the good sense not to nominate Polak. If she gets the nod, the BC Liberals might as well give up the liberal part of their name because it will be a name only.

Hey Sally, I think most people figured that out a long time ago. Mary would fit right in with the Colemans, Falcons, van Dongens, Penners, Stewarts, etc. Welcome aboard.

Hi poo & R.K.,

Is chair of school board not a real job? Mary Polak has done an absolutely ass-kicking job as chair of school board. I want to see her nominated as the BC Liberal candidate in Langley; she would make a fantastic addition to the BC Liberal caucus. If one party losing one riding is considered 'utter failure' then that really puts the NDP well into its place...
They don't even have a candidate in that riding yet! And out of those running in this election there are already 15 former dippers that were involved with initiatives such as the 'fudget budget'.

Lynn Stephens is the real loser in this riding. Her nonesense on newspapers actually helped Mary in selling memberships (Mr. Hof is far from being the only such person in that riding)! All Lynn's words were nothing more than personal attacks because she can't find anything legitimate to make noise about; and gee, how much lower can you get?

And talk about losing elections, it's nowhere Carole James hasn't been. And, like Guy said...she IS currently unemployed. Let's keep her that way after May 17th.



Actually the Langley NDP does have a candidate in place who will have a nominating meeting on Feb.27
Dean Morrison ran in the Federal election and recieved 8500 votes.Not that he can win against the libs but he was a decent candidate for the NDP and will find a modest amount of support amongst moderate voters in Langley

If John Hof is now denying selling memberships for Mary Polak, that would completely contradict what Mr. Hof said to me on January 25th when we chatted at the Vancouver South Conservative fundraising dinner with Stephen Fletcher.

I, for one, completely support Ms. Pollack's candidacy in Langley. The NDP isn't going to take the riding, in all likelihood, so its nice to see that Ms. Pollack is willing to step up and be Campbell's foil, just as so many COnservatives were willing to do the same in the federal election. Bring on the social conservative, book-banning, anti-gay, anti-respect candidates--- the NDP is more than happy to have them as comparison.

Ms Polak can go and help Lorne Mayencourt, Gay MLA in the Westend, seeing he helped her so much during the By-election.

What did Lorne say, "Mary only believes in that stuff so she could become board chair" Xtra West quote.

Glad to see her running for Gordo and the Boys.

Mary and the Mullah's this Friday at the Commodore Ballroom.

First 100 customers to shoot a doctor get a free burka.

Haha, good one Dave.

Another Liberal: Just because the Liberal party is hard-right economically, doesn't mean they weren't liberals at some point. The definition of liberalism includes those who believe in social welfare and social liberalism, to a certain extent, and little to no social welfare and social liberalism. And the latter was the definition of the BC Liberal party, or at least they wern’t socially conservative.

The thing is that the (BC) Liberals and their predecessors Social Credit where just a continuation of the Liberal-Conservative coalition that formed to keep the CCF and later NDP out of power. Cause we'd be damned if those socialist barbarians ever got into Victoria. This usually meant that their was a truce on social issues that ended up in having a certain amount of social libertarianism expressed by the provincial government (in a contemporary context i.e.: Bill Bennett is conservative to us probably).

Whenever this coalition would unravel the NDP would get into power. This was the case in 1972 and 1991. It was to a certain extent in 1996 as well. Bill Vanderzalm tried to move Social Credit in a more socially conservative direction and in doing so he helped push liberal voters to the previously non-existent Liberal Party.

But now that Mary Polak and her allies are organizing in BC provincial politics this split within the anti-NDP coalition is opening again. IF Gordon Campbell was smart he would tell the conservatives to stop it because they will weaken the anti-NDP coalition that the BC Liberals are. But he’s not therefore this will be a problem for them, and a strength for the NDP and other parties.

During the 2001 provincial election I faxed letters to a number of reporters asking why the pro-life contingent in the BC Liberal Party was not considered news. I refered them all to a letter that Ted Nebbelling had written a couple of years earlier, warning of the growing influence of Hof and others, at that time centred around Rich Coleman. What I got for my troubles was mostly yawns and silence, ... with the exception of one of the two "national" newspapers. That paper's BC correspondent was clearly annoyed at what I had put in front of him, angrily telling me that "these [pro-lifers} aren't evil people!"

He went on to explain to me that in the Federal Liberal Party there are lots of pro-lifers here and there, and that's never news, so why should pro-lifers on Gordon Campbell's backbench be news, ... an explanation whose logic I personally found rather difficult to discern.

Yet come last year's federal election the press was quite willing to cover abortion and other social conservative stuff extensively. When it benefited the Liberals. Interesting.

The dowtown Billy Bennett Liberals playing footsie wootsie with the Flat Earth Socreds. Together again.

I have a question that perhaps can be answered by some of our eloquent liberal posters.If the pro-life elements whom I assume Stephen Harper is one, are so passionately against the taking of life,then why are they so quick to support sending Canadian children to a dubious war in Iraq.If all life is to be considered sacred and cannot be consciously taken is their not a serious disconnect in even tacit support for war-any war!
I understand that an argument can be made for the need to secure,defend and preserve a countries way of life.
But could the same argument not be made by a teenage single mother seriously addicted to crack,feeling the need to abort a foetus in order
to preserve her way of life.
This is just a distinction that I being a moderate liberal,social activist obviously do not
have the razor edged intellect to discern and would greatly appreciate clarity on this issue.

Carloe James came extremely close to winning last election, considering the provinces "anger".. so if one was going to insult anyones vote record the last election it should not be hers.. and besides, if I was going to back Pollock, i'd deny it as well ;)

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