Perhaps some fertilizer might help?

The provincial Liberals are organizing a rally supporting tomorrow's throne speech, Public Eye has learned. But, according to our spies, after years of forgetting to water their grassroots, the Campbellites are having some trouble finding people willing to attend. At this point, it's unclear who's responsible for getting supporters out to that demonstration. Rockpile staffers know about but deny having anything to do with the event. Party headquarters, on the other hand, wasn't even aware it was taking place.


I know of several people who have received calls from EAs in the Leg today about the desperate attempt to have some sort of rally. This is a bad joke, the party has been ignored by these guys for the last 4 years and now they need help? It is time for a reality check and it will come soon.

Volunteers will be hard to come by and election dollars only go so far...

Agree 100% with Joe. I volunteered last time but there is no way I will ever help Campbell again. In fact, my "vote" will stay home as well!

I think that the BC Liberals are simply trying to rally the troops to demonstrate support for a Throne Speech that is very obviously an election Throne Speech. All political parties rally the grassroots to support their flagship initiatives and the BC Liberals are no exception. I hope the rally goes well. It will be nice to see some positive campaigning on the grounds of the legislature rather than the smear campaigns we are sadly used to seeing by now.

I agree with Joe, they have ignored us for the last 4 years. Forget it, I'll stay home, got better things to do than support a drunkin liar.

Liberals are having the same problems of getting people and volunteers out for the Chinese new years celebration. First emails from party staff, now telephone calls begging people to come out. Now ven free lunches are offers at the Floata Restaurant.

I guess the Liberals have forgotten that it is grassroots that win elections, not big business or big bucks. Panorama was a prime example, Libs spent $156k, NDP spent $80k.

Don't be rediculous...The free lunch deal happens every year. It's an expression of appreciation to volunteers...ACTUAL volunteers that the BC Liberal party prides itself on having...not the kind paid by unions to be there.

The emails and phone calls are a part of what's called strategy; strategy to maximize the number of participants. Do you dippers even know what that word means? The rally will be very successful, like any other BC Liberal events.

Of course the NDP spent less on Panorama. Those dipper 'volunteers', or, again, paid union workers, didn't count towards their election expences. And don't try for one second to deny Carole James' ties to Jim Sinclair. The NDP's afiliation with unions is a FACT...kinda like, the sky is blue! or people breath! this all you dippers are capable of? Come up with twisted data to try and smear the BC Liberal party?

I've met Carole James once had an extensive chat with her. I'm now contemplating joining the effort to make sure she meets as many British Columbias as possible because, boy, the more people she talks to, the bigger victory Campbell will have.



I just LOVE the desperation you can hear in these Liberal posts lately.

I have always been an indpendent voter and voted for Campbell last time. I joined the NDP 6 months ago and I will be working for free in my spare time to do everything I can do to dislodge him from power in the upcoming election.

Oh bOy.....Same initials as me "BH"

Why is it all the liberals can ever say is that the NDP AND UNIONS are linked?

Who cares? Unions are good for all citizens not just their membership! Unions fight for all workers. Whether you believe it or not.

Give me a break. What kind of rally can the BCLP throw?
Think Jimmy Pattison will take the day off to go and be a union like protestor? YA RIGHT.



More like you BCL's are desperate.
I can't wait until Carol James takes power May 18/2005. See ya later to the NEW ERROR.

Look for me Chinese New Year with my GOrdon Campbell pants on fire teeshirt.

BH is right. Who needs wads of cash for an election when you get paid union volunteers whose existence doesn't need to be disclosed.

BH get a life in the real world, How many volunteers did you see at the Panorama liberal campaign office on election night; none. There were all paid staffers. The Panorama Liberal Riding association had more than 8000 party members, had they all voted, they libs would have won. Where did they all go?

Ohmigod! I can't believe the BCFed is using their membership fees to hire less than a dozen people in a province of three million people, so that they can organize before the writ is dropped for a government that they have a chance of being treated fairly by! That's the most deceitful thing I've ever heard of. I mean, the Business Community would never throw money into a political campaign and... oh, wait. "You're hired!" *ahem* Shut up and grow up, BH. We don't need to twist anything to make the Liberals look bad. They manage it all on their own. After all, it would seem like you're one of their own...

Jeezus gianigonebad, your ignorance and lies are appalling! I can name about a hundred unpaid volunteers, myself included, at the campaign office on election night. I really doubt the other hundred there were paid. And to assert that the BC Liberals, or any other provincial party, has anything close to 8000 members in SPR, or any other riding, is pretty preposterous.
LeeLaa is the one who needs to find itsway into the real world. Unions exist for the benefit of their membership. Ask yourself, what would happen if EVERYONE's wages doubled tomorrow? Who would benefit? What would the net effect be? Take an economics course if you have difficulty answering this one.

The BC Liberals are very good to their volunteers. If they're having difficulty with tomorrow's event, its probably because this is something that someone thought up last night, and Holman is blowing it out of proportion.
And as a final tip to lefties everywhere (feel free to ignore this one, I'm sure you will), stop talking about winning the election, or kicking the Liberals out of office. The NDP's present popularity spike, and the win in Panorama Ridge, were driven by the protest, or "stronger opposition" vote. If British Columbians are forced to think about their vote returning BC's most hated and incompetent governing party back to power, they'll almost certainly think twice. The average British Columbian has a longer memory than the unemployed political junkies with too much time on their hands that dominate internet discussion boards. So keep your fantasies to yourself.


I've noticed several posts that suggest unions can provide paid staffers to assist the NDP and the New Democrats don't have to report the contribution.
That used to be true; the current government changed the elections law to require reporting of that form of donations in kind. (Righty, I'd add.)

“Unions are good for all citizens not just their membership!”

We can label this one joke of the year. I guess what they say is true, ignorance is bliss.

The Libs would have lots of bodies at this event if they truly were a decent political party. The problem is that they are all self serving and the membership reflects the same. We need a government to govern all of BC.

Face it, the Libs will lose lots of seats in next election. Gordo just won't be able to make the sun shine that day...

Amen James. I too am sick of these delusional fantasies of the NDP gaining power and actually being able to run the province. They had 10 years and still couldn't get it right.

Oh and Chelsea just because someone disagrees with you and calls it how it is doesn't mean they should "shut up and grow up". But please, by all means, keep demonstrate nicely the mentality of the left that keeps voters away and ensures the NDP remains a socialist irritant rather than anything worth voting for.

My memories of the NDP are such things as the new cancer clinic in Kelowna, new high school in Kelowna, new high school in Summerland, new school in Westbank, new ambulance facility in Summerland, new Cancer Clinic in Kamloops, Island highway,University of Northern BC, to mention a few. "Very Irritating".

I remember all the same things Mr. Parkhurst remembers. However, what I don't remember is the NDP having a plan to pay them. Details, details, details.

One of the details might be the Auditor Generals report of the finances of the former gov`t, which mentions a 1.5 Billion surplus, should you be looking for details.

Ya, too bad the NDP fudged their budgets!

Does it mention the 18 billion in debt too?

Are you calling Wayne Strelioff`s report untrue?

Why are we more in debt now than we where in 2001? I dont understand, The BC Liberals closed over 100 schools across the province, they closed hospitals,court houses, womens transition houses, they cut from all Ministries. this is only naming a few. With all those cuts dont you think the government surplus budget should have been over 2 billions dollars. the last 3 years we have had a deficit budget and a higher debt. Was it because of the reckless tax cut? I challenge anyone to answer my questions.

Dear Folks,
I am a member of the Telecommunications Workers Union and a Telus employee. I have been reading some of the Anti Union comments. Just some of the benefits that have come in to being because a Union collectively bargained for them are: Parental leave, 40 hour work week, overtime, dental, medical, holidays, need I go on? If anyone would like a more extensive list please go to the Government of Canada web site and look up the Federal labour codes because they are there for the benefit of Union and Non Union workers alike. Nearly all their origins can be traced back to an idea that a Union somewhere somehow had come up with and negotiated via collective bargaining.

Unions don't tell their members who to vote for, we ask our members to please go out and vote the Party of their choice. We will however point to the issues that are of concern to working Canadians and hopefully they go out and vote for the people best able to deal with them.

Some guy made a comment "The NDP are tied to Unions" or something to that affect. Previous NDP governments have proven to be tough negotiators when dealing with Public sector Unions, however I don't believe an NDP government has torn up a Legal and bargained in good faith Collective Agreement like the provincial Liberals have. You tell me.

A last thought for any Anti Union and Non Union workers, if Mr. Campbell is successful and wins the coming election, you could be next! And its easy for them to pick you off one at a time!

1500 days and still no Collective Agreement.

Tony Zacharias

I am too busy being an activist with my union, working and taking care of my children to be bothered with a course on Economics........

Although, I would suggest you take a course on social justice.

Perhaps you could also take a walk thru some of the many poorer neighbourhoods of Vancouver and see what the dismantling of the social safety net has done to our Province.

A rich person's vote counts just the same as a Poor person's vote. Believe you me, there are a hell of alot more working poor than rich.

Brace yourself James! Your reality of a rich economy and "YOUR HIRED IN BEAUTIFUL BC" is about 102 days away from a different enviornment.

A gov't that cares for all British Columbian's YES UNION MEMBERS AS WELL will take over!

Perhaps your post has a tinge of resentment because you volunteered your time in SPR and LOST!


Just some of the benefits that have come in to being because a Union collectively bargained for them are: Parental leave, 40 hour work week, overtime, dental, medical, holidays, need I go on? If anyone would like a more extensive list please go to the Government of Canada web site and look up the Federal labour codes because they are there for the benefit of Union and Non Union workers alike........


Why are there so many anti-union ppl in here? Is it because you are business ppl that don't take care of your employees? Is it because you take advantage of the sixbuxsux training wage...then fire your employee, so you may go on to the next on........

Is it because you have such an employer where a union is not necessary? They treat you well, they pay for your dental and medical, you have sick time? All this without a union.......Great.....Your lucky!

But I would imagine you are probably business students who have a desire to make the all mighty buck despite who you step on along the way.

I also note the budget and the economy....
You all know its on the backs of the most vulnerable women, men and children in our province.

This is the same gov't that wanted to cut hot lunch programs?!!!?!?!? Great Party you support. Or the same party that wanted to take seniors bus passes away.......Lovely.......Or the same party THAT CLOSED WOMENS CTRS THRUOUT THE PROVINCE........Same party that closed schools, cut TA's....raised seniors prescription costs so that some may have to choose btwn their pills and food.....Wow how fair........

Gotta love that liar Gordo.......
Fair my a##

heh...and someone was making a comment about sounding 'desperate'?

You dippers demonstrate that well.


How is it that Gordo managed to improve the construction industry in ALL of Canada? I mean it is happening all over, this great economy. Not just little ol BC. Could it be that the Fiberals had very little to do with it? Low interest rates and NOT the smiling happy premier that is responsible??

Now he is the Goose that is laying the golden egg. When will all this good news stop? I just can't take it! I must crawl back and try and balance my checkbook. Never enough...

In response to some of the NDP posts,

It is interesting reading what you guys/gals write.

However, I would like to clarify a point.

I do not bash private sector unions. There is nothing wrong with such unions, (aside that the leaderships tends to the left a little bit).

Private sector unions benefit many people and families, my family included.

The reason I don't have a problem with the private sector unions is that they are in the PRIVATE SECTOR. These unions must be pragmatic and realisitc.

If a union at a mill asks for too much from the employer, well the mill will shut down and then no one has a job. This is a good restraint on such unions and makes them realistic.

I also know that most private sector union employees don't even vote NDP, but vote for right of centre parties.

However, public sector unions are a different beast. These are the most rabid and extreme unions, (BCTF, HEU, BCGEU etc). They don't have to worry about their employer shutting down or getting put out of business by the competition.

These are the unions that hurt BC and drain our economy with their unrealistic demands and sucking at the public teat.

In response to Mr. Willcocks, that paid union volunteers must reported as an election contribution, that is true.

However, the problem is enforcement and reporting. Will the union report that they are paying people to "volunteer" for the NDP?

I would highly suspect that the union would forget to report such things.

After all how in earth would elections BC know if Joe Blow from the BC GEU is volunteering for the NDP on his own time or that Joe Blow is being paid by his union to volunteer.

I believe that these "soft money" contributions will continue to be unreported.


Two points if I may, without a scathing rebuttal from BH.You appear to be filled with much hatred..not anger, but hatred to anyone who opposes your point of view regarding the Liberals.You can make your point without insulting people.
On the second point, regarding unions, Mr Willcocks is correct.And they abide by the rules.Unions do not get enough credit for the good they do, for more than just their members, but for communities.Every year on Christmas Eve they collectively with the assistance of the BC Federation of Labour volunteer to feed over 1500 people in Vancouver and Surrey.I am sad to report that the number of needy has grown substantially since the Liberals got elected.Does this make unions bad...I think not!!And no big news story on that, but when the business community flips a couple burgers for's a front page story.Oh and by the way, the unions don't get a tax receipt either...unlike the burger flippers!

Newman's ignorance of the election law is studied, not accidental. He knows very well that the obligation to report donations of paid labour falls upon the political party and the candidate, not on the donating organization. To suggest to people that there's some kind of enforcement gap is far beyond the merely disengenuous. Party treasurers face fines and jail time if they file inaccurate reports. And does Newman think the enforcement gaps extend to businesses and service clubs loaning their managerial and sales staff to the BC Liberals? Of course not!

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