Bi-partisan contracting

Former New Democrat premier Dan Miller is working under contract for the Campbell administration, Public Eye has learned. Mr. Miller was directly awarded that contract in early January "to provide strategic advice and guidance regarding key labour issues" to the government's offshore oil and gas development team. Communications director Steve Simons added that Mr. Miller will also be "facilitating conversations and linkages" between the team and British Columbia's unions. Mr. Simons declined to disclose the value of the contract but said it runs till the end of the fiscal year.

Mr. Miller has previously and publicly voiced support for the Liberal's controversial offshore oil and gas development and British Columbia Rail privatization policies, resulting in much weeping and gnashing of teeth among fellow New Democrats. Jack Ebbels, the man in charge of the offshore oil and gas development team, was Mr. Miller's deputy when the former premier was the minister of energy and mines.


Wonder what the die hard NDP'ers will think of Dan getting in bed with the enemy - one thing that impressed me with Dan during his years in government was his care and commitment for the northwest coast folk - while Skeena turned out to be a costly mistake its intent was to save a few communities - for that reason Dan also has put his support to the CN deal because he feels that it will bring benefits to his corner of the world - same with the oil and gas drilling - Dan represented the voters of his riding not the green voters in Vancouver and Victoria.
This could create an interesting situation for the NDP - if they run a candidate on a strong anti - oil and gas and BC Rail deal will Dan quietly have his supporters and they are numerous become 30 second Liberals and return the sitting Liberal member.

I remember Dan Miller's commitment to working people - when he locked out BC Rail workers over Christmas in 1999! An unnecessary week-long lockout thanks to Dan saluting BC Rail management's hard line approach. Guess how many workers at BC Rail voted NDP after that.

Dan is now clearly out of touch with northern voters, who just elected anti-offshore oil NDP MP Nathan Cullen over the pro-oil Conservative incumbent.

Another good example of how Campbell rewards his friends?

The whole offshore oil and gas push has cooled down considerably. The Priddle Report, plus spills in Newfoundland and Alaska have dampened the enthusiasm for this venture, at least in federal circles. Also, if BC wants more oil and gas play, there is the Nechako Basin. Why go offshore when there's onshore fields available?

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