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The ex-provincial New Democrat MLA club had a good day. In Nelson-Creston, former cabinet minister and party leadership candidate Corky Evans beat constituency association president Patricia Lakes for the nomination nod in that riding, 425 votes to 75 - a result that prompted one wag to quip, "Is that abusive to women?" But his victory was gender-balanced by ex-backbencher Erda Walsh's win in Kootenay East. Ms. Walsh received 202 votes while her competitor, former British Columbia Nurses' Union vice-president Patricia Shuttleworth, garnered 144.


Corky's Back! Corky's Back!

Thank God almighty, Corky's back!

Betcha that all the ultra left freakshows down at NDP Central Office are shitting their pants. One more nail in the coffin of the freaky left!

It's heartening to see that when you have 2 races with a total of 4 contestants, 3 of the contestants of which are women, that the 1 guy wins 1 of the 2 races. Geeez...that was close. 2 chicks might have made it through.

Who cares about the number of women who are nominated? Maybe if there were more women running for nominations who were not extreme-left wingers and/or union porkchoppers, there'd be more women nominated. The deck isn't stacked against women, but it is stacked against useless candidates.

Women with real jobs and onnections to the community seem to win nominations. Unlike Raj Sihota or anyone backed by that useless Vancouver cope lite "funky crowd." Somehow, the big issue has become the fact that the NDP doesn't seem to be nominating enouogh women candidates. Really, that stuff was all started by a few Monctonite whiners complaining about the loss of their candidates.

I'd take David Chudnovsky and Shane Simpson anyday over geeky middle class women who expect thing to be handed to them on a silver platter becaused they're funky and young.

I am a big fan of Corky and glad to see him coming back (and yes he still has to win the election). If he is elected as MLA again, he is going to be the sort of good, clear, sharp and open minded opposition MLAs the NDP will need to have to an impact. His election will also help the Liberals my having an opposition member that can offer real and constructive critism, something that has been missing for the last almost four years.

Yes, I know many Liberal friends of mine will read this and be astounded, but I have met few more geninue and honest politicians than Corky Evans.

Cough...Glen is the NDP platform going to be "An Old Era for British Columbia"?

Agree with Bernard - have always enjoyed Corky's folksy style and he will be fun to watch once again and considering he is up against a weak Liberal should get elected easily in Nelson-Creston.

Corky is a Gem. He is likely the most straight ahead honest politician out there. He will win that riding this time. In the last election many voted Liberal because they thought that would secure their health centre.

Corky is liked across party lines, something most politicians have a tough time achieving.

I like Corky a lot, too, though I've never met him. Its almost never that I hear someone's name and actually feel like the clouds parted and the sun is finally shining again. Although, one Green member who was at the meeting told me he really liked Tricia and would have voted NDP for her, its still nice to see Corky back.

Oh yes, Corky is straight ahead honest alright. When principled NDPers like Joy MacPhail and Sue Hammell quit Glen Clark's cabinet to protest his continued leadership, Corky's silence and refusal to act spoke volumes.

Corky's "aw shucks" shtick gets a little thin when he is faced with a real moral dilemma and acts like a true politician - he does a cya.

Great. Another old boys club member gets back in. So much for being a new modern party that can attract young modern women to be candidates. The only women we are nominating are people like Erda Walsh and Sue Hammell. They aren't the type of women candidates I was hoping for. BTW- for all you naysayers, Maya Russell is right on the money. What this party is doing to stars like Raj Sihota is disgusting. Here's hoping that Jaynie Clark and Julie Thomas win today!

I think that the NDP would be quite foolish to exclude "old" NDP'ers just because they might be tainted with Clark. If this is done, the NDP does not have a hope in hell of winning because they will lack electoral experiance. Mr. Evans is a man that is still respected by many British Columbians, and I believe he will be a good MLA for his constituency.

I'm sick of this... If women were winning every race, would the men in the party be complaining? Not one that I know. If you happen to be a member of that riding, then you vote for a candidate. If not, shut the hell up, because it isn't your business who others vote for.

If persons which to go through the process of running for a riding nomination so be it.But the NDP will lose, ask any owner of condo or house property that has appreciated in the last four years,i have, and the word is stick with liberals for more of the same,as if the liberals invented real estate appreciation.Perhaps an overview of why the prices are rising might gound some voters,but the truth is complex and it is simple to just beleive the liberals made it all happen.Did they?
The NDP remind oneself of the screeching Democrats in theUS.Not a pleasant picture.

The NDP must be desparate to have dug up this mouldy old warhorse of the far left. He should fit well into the "new" NDP.

When the BC Liberal hacks that dominate this site decry the NDP nominating a former MLA, they conveniently forget the Libs re-nomination of Stan Hagen. Now, here is a totally useless political hack, whose sorry record goes back to the VanderZalm days. This disgusting excuse for a member is only heard of when he is shuffled off to ineffectively run another department. And, let's not forget, when Slimy Stan last ran for re-election he came in a sorry third, after Margaret Lord of the NDP and Alicia Burns of the Liberals. Let us hope, for the sake of the province, that he is never heard of again after this next election!!!

Slimy Stan?

I wonder if that's a condition caused by his prostate cancer treamtment.

Lorne, you're all class. It must feel great to be you.

Grow Up.... a good handle for some one who hasn't a clue.
If Hagen wasn't so ego driven, he would have stepped aside when he was found to have prostate cancer. Children And Families needs a minister who is in excellent health to devote all his/her energies to that Ministrie's problems. And, that's not Hagen.

And if he did quit, you'd say that Children and Families needs a minister who will stick around for more than 3 months. He can't win, can he?

With an election coming on, let us hope not, for the good of the province. And, that is the case if the Liberals win or the NDP pull it off. The man is not cabinet material. He is old, tired and his time has passed.

Its nice to a genuinely likeable politician like Corky back to give it another try. His experience will be a major help to Premier James.

I was very fortunated to have Corky as my MLA for 10 years in Nelson-Creston riding. After 2001 election, I have moved to Victoria. I am looking so forward to see Corky back around. He is someone who you can actually trust. His personality is very appealing and has a laidback approach to many issues if appropriate. I was quite sad that he did not win the leadership from Glen Clark and Ujjal Dosanjh where he came in 2nd place twice. Although looking back on it… it was probably for the best that he did not try to command a sinking ship where the political hate for NDP was so high at that time. So by not being a leader… he was able to appear as someone untainted from NDP's decade. Corky's rise to popularity from backbencher is quite clear because of who he is. So I have no doubt that people will especially out in urban dense population ie Lower Mainland will start to see what we in Nelson-Creston have always knew and liked about Corky. The fact that outside of Greater Victoria and Greater Vancouver - Corky was the closest winnable NDP seat - no surprise. Nelson-Creston is such a large riding that bulk of the population resides in Greater Nelson supports Corky in big numbers than other rural towns such as Nakusp, Kaslo and Creston. These three main hubs are non-traditionally NDP hardcore population such as Greater Nelson has so it was quite a surprise that Corky was still able to do so well without majority of support outside of Greater Nelson - just not quite enough to win.

there was something on the news a few weeks ago
about componsation for tainted blood victims who were left with Hep C ...
Have you heard anything about compinsation lately?
I'm a women living with a victim and really thought
there was some hope for my husband in this area..
My spouce gets his hopes up when he hears this and the his hopes a smashed..HOW MANY ARE GOING TO BE DEAD BE FORE THE GOVERNMENT SAYS THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS PAIN AND LOSS OF DIGNITY?
I hope to hear from you Helene hubbard

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