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Public Eye continues to declassify the provincial Liberal's uber-secret campaign planning team. According to our spies, lawyer Hector Mackay-Dunn, public relations consultant Nancy Spooner and former forestry executive Susan Yurkovich are all senior members of the party's re-election squad. In interviews with Public Eye, Mses. Spooner and Yurkovich confirmed they would be campaigning for the Liberals but declined to elaborate. Mr. Mackay-Dunn did not return our phone calls. Their colleagues reportedly include Jess Ketchum, Greg Lyle and Andrea Southcott - although Mr. Lyle may have since departed. Public Eye has prepared the following backgrounders on Mses. Spooner and Yurkovich and Mr. Mackay-Dunn.

Hector Mackay-Dunn, a corporate lawyer focusing on biotech companies, is friends with Premier Gordon Campbell. He is a senior partner at Farris Vaughan Wills and Murphy, a Vancouver law firm connected to the federal Liberals. Mr. Mackay-Dunn sits on several corporate boards and is also a director with a number of organizations receiving provincial government funds, including the British Columbia Leading Edge Endowment Fund and Genome British Columbia. He is vice-chair of the BC Innovation Council. And he is a director with BC Biotech - the same industry group that sent a team, headed by Mr. Campbell and Small Business and Economic Development Minister John Les, to promote the province as a biotech destination at BIO 2004. Mr. Mackay-Dunn is also a member of Business in Vancouver's editorial advisory board, a magazine which was founded by Non-Partisan Association councilor Peter Ladner. His political experience includes being president of the provincial Liberal's Vancouver-Quilchena constituency association when Premier Campbell was that riding's MLA and representing the party on Elections British Columbia's advisory board. He was awarded a Queen's Council certificate by Attorney General Geoff Plant in 2003. Mr. Mackay-Dunn's brother Doug, a retired Vancouver police staff sergeant who headed up operations in the Downtown Eastside, is also friends with Premier Campbell. Doug is a former North Vancouver district councilor and school board chairman who has made unsuccessful bids to become the mayor of that district and the Liberal candidate for West Vancouver-Capilano.


Nancy Spooner is vice-president of Vancouver lobby and public relations firm James Hoggan and Associates Inc. Ms. Spooner, whose clients have included the City of Kitimat and Westshore Terminals Ltd., has been with the firm since 1994, having previously been a manager at Spectrum Public Relations. Ms. Spooner was one of the Liberal's principle communications advisors during the last election.


Susan Yurkovich, a Vancouver Coastal Health Authority director, is best known for having been Canfor Corp.'s corporate affairs vice-president between 1999 and 2004. During her tenure at the company, Ms. Yurkovich was chair of the Forest Products Association of Canada's public affairs section, the Canadian Softwood Lumber Advocacy Committee and the Council of Forest Industries Aboriginal Affairs Committee. Before joining Canfor in 1994, she was an advisor to Mulroney administration cabinet minister Tom Siddon.


Thanks Mr. Holman.

This is the kind of invaluable background information that paeons like us (ie. those of us that read PublicEye who are not members of the insider's teams) would never see even if we combed a complet month of Sundays worth of Westcoast newsprint.

IS it paeons or peons? Not sure what Ross K. intended.I'll guess it's peons.Being a peon is a state of mind ,no? Please do not hold these liberals in high esteem it is a mistake,it might catch on with dire consequences,surely.
The crew of Gordon C. is only human not more not less. Unfortunately as stewards of the general revenue latitude is too broad in scope,we only can look and see what they do in wonder or stop paying into it[the taxes].


maybe I was thinking of that 'song of triumph' thing which would be paean...

Regardless, you need a program to know who the players are, and that's what Sean is giving us.


What about the NDP Oligarchs / Public Union Boses who will be running the NDP Campaign?

Where is the fair and balanced coverage?

Enquiring minds want to know.


so gordon cambell is a waif and cacole a puppet,
i do not think carole has the [u nowhat] to do it ,.she has the
grounds keepers,
the picthers[ya]
the cacthers.
the rural field is fine,[cowpie hey]
but in a close ballgame, who,s warming up in the bullpen?

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